Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jumpin' the Trolley Back to Green-Wood II

There's a bunch of things I'd like to get done before spring training winds down and the season starts.  I'm in the process of putting together another really nice Trolley Ride for us.  It's just taking me a little longer than I hoped to receive the proper permission.  It seems like it's a go, but I don't want to be pushy.  Time I hope will be my ally. 

In the mean time I want to go back to GREEN-WOOD Cemetery and finish up a couple of items I wanted to get out earlier.  I was really enjoying the Caribbean Series and this sort of took a back seat.  These are the rest of the pictures I took from our last Trolley Trip here.  So bundle up and let's go back.

Henry Chadwick
The Father of Baseball

Charles Ebbets
(Wikipedia pic)
Brooklyn Superbas/Brooklyn Dodgers
(mural Flatbush Ave & Empire Blvd.)
builder of Ebbets Field
opened for play 1913
(today's right field wall)

He sold half the team to the McKeever Brothers
to finance the construction of Ebbets Field.

McKeever Place, named after the Dodger owner, and Sullivan Place was the intersection where home plate and the entrance to the Ebbets Field Rotunda stood.

Here is where Charles Ebbets rests. 
The hilltop with-in Green-Wood where Mr.Ebbets' stone sits is the highest elevation in Brooklyn. 
From here, New York Harbor, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty
and lower Manhattan can all be seen very clearly.

That's all from Green-Wood Cemetery.
There are a couple of more sites to visit and things to learn about our National Pastime here.
I'll be coming back here to bring you as much as I can.
The Baseball Archaeologist is punching out.
Hope you enjoyed some more of the baby pictures.

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