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PIGSKIN 2019: Week Eleven

Week Eleven

Week Seven
Week Eight
Week Nine
Week Ten

Week Ten Record: 3-8
Overall Record: 60-70
Schmear of the Week: 5-5
Bagels in the Basket: -7

1st and Ten
  • Message to Mason Rudolph: rookie QBs shouldn't pick fights with defensive ends; the life you save may be you're own.
  • That said, Maurkice Pouncey is welcome to play for my team any day.
  • The last undefeated team falls.
  • Bengals gain firm grip on #1 draft pick.
2nd and Long
  • Unsafe in Second Place AFC: Bills; Steelers; Colts; Raiders.
  • Unsafe in Second Place NFC: Eagles; Vikings; Panthers; Seahawks.
  • Are two wins really better than none  >  Jets; Dolphins; Giants; Falcons.
  • The second coming of John Gruden continues.  Just give him time.
  • RETWEET: Jets did right fining Quincy Enunwa.
No Gain
  • This whole Colin Kaepernick workout thing initially struck me as nothing more than a PR ploy.  Then he goes ahead and switches workout locations at the last minute behind the NFL's back.  What a charade.  Now what?
  • Generally speaking, the Cleveland Browns seem to have a discipline problem.  My fifth grade teacher said I had one too.
  • Look at the Chargers business decisions, (and Philip Rivers career), and know why Archie Manning didn't want his son playing for them.
  • If we've learned anything this season it's that the Rams do not respond from adversity well, still bumbling and stumbling with Super Bowl hangover.
  • Myles Garrett ... dude ... what were you thinking?  At least he was contrite after the fact.  But during the game, not so much.
  • Replay; refs; rules.
  • D.C. Snyders.

Jets +1 1/2 D.C. SNYDERS
Christopher Johnson very recently issued his strongest endorsement of head coach Adam Gase to date.  Some, not all, players echoed their support (certainly not Quincy Enunwa). Jets fans on the other hand couldn't be more dismayed with the team's present state of affairs.  Perhaps a second straight win against the dregs of the NFL may help ease tensions.  After defeating the Giants in last week's MetLife Toilet Bowl, the Jets travel to the nation's capital where they'll oppose the moribund Snyders featuring novice quarterback Dwayne Haskins.  You would think defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has this one covered like a blanket, right?  A strong performance by Sam Darnold is also needed to help silence the growing background noise regarding his perceived regression at quarterback.  Before heading there I would first point directly at a woefully performing offensive line which not only puts Sam Darnold in harms way on a weekly basis, but is also largely responsible for Le'Veon Bell's least productive season of his stellar career.  
WIN; 34-17 Jets

Friday Line ~ NYDN

Cowboys -3 1/2 LIONS
Whether Matt Stafford plays matters little to me.  The Lions have lost five of their last six games.  Meanwhile the Cowboys are the biggest scam going.  Their record is completely fluffed up by two wins against the Giants and one each against Washington and Miami.  And then there's that embarrassing loss against the Jets.  Outside of their victory over the Eagles, Dallas wilts in the presence of a good team.  The Lions are not a good team.
WIN; 35-27 Cowboys

Saints -5 1/2 BUCS
Last week's Tampa victory over the Cardinals snapped a four game skid, and was the Bucs first win at home.  The Saints defeated the Bucs 31-24 at the Dome in week five.  They should be really really pissed off after last week's terrible trap game loss against the Falcons.
WIN; 34-17 Saints

PANTHERS -5 1/2 Falcons
Speaking of which ... it's time the Atlanta Falcons go back to being this season's pumpkin.  The next pulse reading on the Jekyll and Hyde Panthers electrocardiogram should be an uptick.  They came >>> this <<< close to covering against the Packers last week in chilly Green Bay.
Loss; 29-3 Falcons

COLTS -3 Jaguars
Nick Foles is back in the saddle, but I don't care.  Still believe too strongly in the Colts.  Rather see the legend Gardner freakin Minshew out there.
WIN; 33-13 Colts

VIKINGS -10 1/2 Broncos
Vikings are a very enigmatic 7-3 team.  The Broncos could use Colin Kaepernick ...?
Loss; 27-23 Vikings

Bills -5 1/2 DOLPHINS
See Cowboys: talk about fluff!  The Bills six victories have come against the Jets; Giants; Bengals; Titans; Dolphins; and D.C. Snyders; whom together own a combined 12-44 record.  They averaged just 13 points in three losses against the Patriots; Eagles; and Browns.  Meanwhile Ryan FitzMagic is doing his thing again, and the Sea Mammals are suddenly winners of two in a row.  So, let's see.  Let's just see how good this Bills defense really is.  They've yielded the second least points to date.
WIN; 37-20 Bills

RAVENS -4 Texans
Great match-up.  I'll take the team on a five game winning streak over the team coming off a bye week any time.  Not having J.J. Watt on the field makes Lamar Jackson's job immeasurably easier.
WIN; 41-7 Ravens

Cardinals +11 1/2 49ERS
The Cardinals have lost three games by 17 points or more.  Their game against the Niners two weeks ago at Arizona was not one of them.  I don't care how pissed off the Niners may be after losing to Seattle.  The Cardinals are flat out pain in the posteriors.  They'll score against a good Niners defense just enough to cover.
WIN; 36-26 Niners

Patriots -3 1/2 EAGLES
More Fluff!  Jeez, this league sucks!  I'll take eleven pillow fighters coached by Bill Belichick any day.  If the Bears have a viable quarterback they defeat the Eagles last week.  But, no ...
WIN; 17-10 Patriots

RAIDERS -10 Bengals
This is John Gruden's big chance to completely photo bomb the entire AFC playoff picture.  There's no way the Bengals would do something stupid now, like, win a game.  Cincinnati's league leading -122 point differential pretty much sums up their game plan entering Sunday's contest.
Loss; 17-10 Raiders

Bears +6 1/2 RAMS
This strikes me as a perfect storm where a disgruntled and angry Chicago defense goes up against a frustrated and befuddled Rams offense.  You know, the kind where turnovers translate into points, and the more the Rams press, the more they screw it up.  That kind of day ... for as long s Mitch Trubisky doesn't screw it up.  Colin Kaepernick is potentially only a phone call away.
Loss; 17-7 Rams

Schmear of the Week
Raiders -10

Good luck, and have a Happy Football Sunday, everyone!

Week Eleven Record: 8-4
Overall Record: 68-73
Schear of the Week: 5-6
Bagels in the Basket: -6

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