Sunday, November 03, 2019

N.Y. Jets: Gang Green Airing Their Grievances


New York Jets
Miami Dolphins
Humidity Stadium

Man, is it going to stink at Miami where the NFL's two most offensively inept teams will go head-to-head in a Toilet Bowl of gastronomical proportions.  The Sea Mammals are averaging a league low 11-points per game.  The Jets come in at 11.1 points per game.  How compelling!  But whereas the Jets are actually trying to wins games and failing miserably, the Sea Mammals are trying to lose and doing a damn good job.  Miami is yielding upwards of 34-points a game.  But make no mistake, the Sea Mammals can't wait to inflict damage against their former coach.  I still give Sam Darnold and Gang Spleen the benefit of the doubt.  Jamal Adams will be playing angry.  That may work for or against him.  And expect a heavy, heavy dose of Le'Veon Bell.  Should Adam Gase and the Jets lose, we all know the local media will descend upon them like flies on a steaming cow patty in July.

An Unhappy Maladjusted Gang Green Airs Their Grievances

If nothing else, of this I'm sure: Christopher Johnson is even worse than his brother.  These highly dysfunctional dynasties just don't get it.  Look at the Wilpons; look at James and Daddy Dolan; then look at the Brothers Johnson.  All fail to implement a firm chain of command.

I always thought Woody Johnson was a terrible front office participant.  But Christopher takes the cake.  Instead of entertaining Jamal Adams' meltdown, Christopher Johnson should have been directing his employee down the hall to see the president of football of operations, or worse, the general manager himself.  Having an open door policy is one thing; undermining you're entire operation is another.  You can not have disgruntled coaches, general managers, and players, all bum rushing the owner's office every time they're unhappy with their life situation.

You would have to rewind back 13 years to Eric Mangini/Rex Ryan under Terry Bradway/Mike Tannenbaum for the Jets last state of complimentary front office competence.  Everything thereafter has been and remains today completely disjointed and dysfunctional.  Clearly hiring Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan out of order (again) taught the Brothers Johnson nothing.  Lest we forget after spending over $100 million dollars on free agents general manager Mike Maccagnan hires Adam Gase, who in turn convinces Christopher Johnson his general manager sucks and needs to be fired.  Johnson then empowers Gase with the authority to hire the next general manager.  Outside of perhaps, Daniel Snyder, who does that?

Trick or Treat!

This week Adam Gase will be disguised as the guy pissing off Le'Veon Bell, who's first seven games as a member of the New York Jets can be summed up with two words: rock bottom.  Bell and Gase apparently talked it out.  Unlike the jilted Jamal Adams who is no longer on speaking terms with his general manager nor his head coach.

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