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PIGSKIN 2015: Week Two


Week Two


Week One Record:  11-2
Overall Record:  11-2
Schmear of the Week:  1-0
Bagels in the Basket:  +12

First and 10:
  • I'm so high on the Cardinals that I'm considering rehab.  Their defense remains stout against the run, while Carson Palmer is back to complete unfinished business.  I do not see the 49ers posing much of a divisional challenge this season, while last week we saw what happened to the Seahawks minus Kam Chancellor on the field.

Second and Short:
  • Like clock work, Pacman Jones was fined after last week's game for ripping someones helmet off and just being a general idiot.  And, he said he just might do it again.  Ndamukong Suh also committed another less spoken of infraction.  These guys wasted no time this season, huh?

No Gain:
  • AFC East: Buffalo's deficiencies will shine through Sunday.  There will be no advancement for the Bills this week.  The Patriots will ensure that.  The Jets will additionally flop on Monday night, while the Dolphins will join the Pats atop the division.

  • See 2nd down > Roger Goodell's pocket change fine levied against Pacman Jones was a joke.   This commissioner is akin to lightning in that he never strikes the same ground twice.  Where's the consistency?
  • New uniforms...  They're hideous.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

GIANTS -2 1/2 (Falcons)
Steve Spagnuolo's Impact Immediately Noticeable 
A Rushing Mentality Must Flow Through Your Veins 
Look at this spread for a Giants home opener - it's embarrassing!  I'm only taking them at home as a matter of correction.  Hopefully the G-Men pulled their heads out their posteriors after polluting Week One in Dallas with a myriad of bad decisions.  I expect a high scoring game against Atlanta.   Eli will remind the home crowd why he's the MANN.  But, with no pass rush to speak of, Matt Ryan will keep the Giants secondary busy as well.  The Giants ran well against the 'Boys, and should have a better day running against the Falcons.
Loss; 24-20 Falcons

PANTHERS -3 (Texans)
Beware!  I flipped on this pick.  You know what they say - think long, think wrong.  Carolina was underwhelming last week in their victory over the Jags, while the Texans stumbled at home against the Chiefs.  JJ Watt registered 2 sacks in a losing effort.  That makes JJ Watt angry.  That makes Cam Newton a target in his own house.  My mind says take the Texans, so why am I picking the Panthers?
WIN; 24-17 Panthers

SAINTS -9 1/2 (Bucs)
The best part of Tampa's week will be the flight in and out of New Orleans.  The Bucs surrendered 42 points at home to the Titans.  Drew Brees in the Dome is still a dangerous proposition, if you're the Buccaneers that is.
Loss; 26-19 Bucs

STEELERS -6 (49ers)
The continuing demise of the 49ers is an inside job.  Shhhhhhh!  If I were a Niners fan, I'd be furious.  For Big Ben, time is of the essence.  He's going to have an absolutely fabulous game.
WIN; 43-18 Steelers

Lions +3 (VIKINGS)
Full disclosure: I have a complete lack of respect for the Vikings.  This game is more of a crucible for Detroit though.  Now that Ndamukong Suh swims with the Fish, we're going to find out how much killer instinct the Pride has left in their short run of respectability.
Loss; 26-16 Vikings

Patriots -1 (BILLS)
Remember what Bart Scott and Rex Ryan did to the Patriots years ago?  Good times, right? Remember how Rex paid little if any attention to the Jets offense?  If I were a betting man, I'd side with Tom Brady and Coach Belichick the more balanced team.  The Bills will not induce INT's from Tom Brady the way they did Andrew Luck.
WIN; 40-32 Patriots

Cardinals -1 1/2 (BEARS)
I assure you, this won't even be close.  I'm still very high on the Cardinals.  Carson Palmer is back, and he's pissed off.  I think someone in Vegas owes the Cards an apology for this spread.  The Bears will play like mere cubs until John Fox gets some talent and his teachings sink in.  Then tack on another season...
WIN; 48-23 Cardinals

Titans -1 (BROWNS)
Johnny Manziel vs. Marcus Mariota?  This spread tells me take the quarterback with a little bit more of a clue.
Loss; 28-14 Browns

Chargers +3 (BENGALS)
Remember what I said about the Bengals entering the Black Hole last week?  Well, they're back home in Cincinnati where they usually do their worst work in big games.  Their home opener should be no different.  If this were a mid-season home game, I'd think otherwise.  Despite traveling east for an early game, the Bolts will electrify the Bengals and get a big game from Phillip Rivers.
Loss; 24-19 Bengals

Rams -3 (D.C. MULES)
The Daniel Snyder Mules should be an even bigger underdog.  Las Vegas is being way too kind.   Lock horns and run with the Rams.
Loss; 24-10 D.C. Mules

RAIDERS +6 (Ravens)
Tough break for Baltimore - Terrell Suggs is out for the season.  Oakland wants to rebound after last week's wipe out.  They have a good chance to cover, nothing more.
WIN; 37-33 Raiders

Dolphins -6 (JAGUARS)
You're that Land Shark I heard about on the news!  No ma'am, I'm a dolphin.  In any event, the city of Jacksonville will reek of Fish Sunday.
Loss; 23-20 Jaguars

EAGLES -5 (Cowboys)
The Cheese Steaks will not be as generous as the Giants were last week against the Cowboys.  With Dez Bryant out, the Eagles will have an easier time keeping tabs on Jason Witten.  Moreover, Tony Romo will actually face a pass rush this time.  If the Giants managed just one QB touch last week, then Philly will flat out grope Tony Romo.
Loss; 20-10 Cowboys

PACKERS -3 1/2 (Seahawks)
Uh oh!  The Seahawks found out just how important Kam Chancellor is to their defense.  Seattle surrendered 31 points in regulation, and 34 points overall during Week One's loss in St. Louis.   Meanwhile, Green Bay is sure to be uber-motivated for this rematch after last year's NFC championship game loss to Seattle.
WIN; 27-17 Packers

COLTS -7 (Jets) *Monday Night
Last week, the Jets posted their first victory in what I believe will be an 8-8 season.  Monday night, I predict they will post their first loss.  Rex Ryan drew up a winning plan against Luck least week, which means the Jets best chance to beat the Colts this week now works in Buffalo.
Loss; 20-7 Jets

Schmear of the Week:
Cardinals -1 1/2

Guten Appetit:
Buffalo and Parmigiano style chicken wings, my home made potato salad, home made onion rings, stuffed mushrooms, and (stuff from my garden) salad.  

What's on your football menu?

Good luck, and have a Happy Football Sunday everyone!

Post Game:
Week Two Record:  6-9
Overall Record:  17-11
Schmear of the Week:  2-0
Bagels in the Basket:  +12

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