Wednesday, December 14, 2011

N.Y. Giants ~ Media Wakes Up to Secondary Issues

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NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL:  Apparently, There is a Problem in the Giants' Secondary.  Who Knew?

I said this after Week One :

"....Rex Grossman picked apart the Secondary like a fruit basket.  Jason Pierre Paul wasn't going to stop the Skins by himself.  Nice game by him by the way.  But otherwise, Washington went through us like we were wet toilet paper.
If Osi and Tuck play, does the Secondary have as a bad a day as they did?   Answer; - Probably!  They are all familiar with the smell of getting toasted.  We've seen this act from Aaron Ross; Antrel Rolle; Corey Webster; Kenny Phillips; and Deon Grant before. The book has been out on these guys for some time now.  Be aggressive against them and they will give up huge plays.  Prince Amukamara was supposed to improve our depth. But he's out.  Kenny Phillips is the only player with any real hopes for major improvement in his play.  The rest of the cast is comprised of seasoned vets.  What you see is what you get with them.  And many times last season, they've made us look away.

The Secondary problems will be the more visible on TV.  That unit will look the worst doing what they do.  But football fans know full well, our lack of linebackers; our soft white under belly for some time now; is going to kill us."

I said this on October 18th:

".....The Corners and Safeties are suffering a major lack of communication and I want to know what Corners Coach Peter Giunta and Safety Coach David Merritt are doing about it.  Because the huge plays; the huge breakdowns in coverage; the huge lack of communication at times; are becoming routine now."

If you follow my Giant blogs, then you know I've been flipping out on Secondary Coaches; Peter Giunta and David Merritt; all season long.  So why all of a sudden is the putrid play by the Secondary such a revelation to everyone in the Media now?  And why are they using the same exact words I used back in September and October in describing our calamitous Secondary today?  I could have told you the Giants were going to surrender thirty-plus points consecutively to the Saints, Packers, and Cowboys back in September!

Heading into the Saints game, I continued with this:
"......the hairs on the back of my head stand up because of the state of confusion which exists between our Corners and Safeties.  Their lack of communication has not only been confounding, it's also high time Coach Giunta and Coach Merritt had these issues resolved.  And if they haven't by now, then Perry Fewell should have.  This isn't the first time I brought this up.  And tonight, they're getting put under the microscope."

After the Packers game, on December 5th I posted a blog titled: SECONDARY ISSUES A PRIMARY CONCERN.  On December 12th, one of the local tabloids teased an article with this:

In the aftermath of Big Blue's last second, blocked-field goal victory in Dallas, many, if not all things said about the Giants' Secondary still hold true today.  Only, what more can little old me say about it now that ESPN, the Talkies, and the papers have this late breaking scoop covered?

You know where to find me.


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