Monday, November 28, 2011

N.Y. Giants ~ How BLUE Will the Big Easy Be?

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Game Eleven

New Orleans Saints

The Big Easy

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL:  We'll Know Who The Giants Are After Tonight.

Just as we suspected, the Giants lost to a one game wonder when they dropped that dreadful game against Philly last week.  The Eagles' loss this Sunday versus New England proved that out.  And looking back at those GIANT losses to the Skins and Seattle earlier in the season, the G-Men not only gagged away their scheduled soft spots, they are now fresh out of cushion.   From here on out, it's the hard way or bust.

Beginning tonight, what the Giants need to do over these next two games is win at least one.  The Giants' journey to the playoffs is still in their control.  However, within these next two games lies the rest of their season as well as their reputations.  For right now, all that separates them from another late season melt-down and the ensuing Media blitzkrieg that would surely follow is their ability to make their two games against Dallas matter.  And as much as I may hate this, it starts on Monday Night Football.  I don't like the Giants playing on anything but Sunday afternoons at one o'clock.  Anything else bothers me terribly.  And so tonight, I, as well as the Giants have a big problem on our hands.

Defensively, heading into tonight's game we already understand our Linebacking situation is in shambles.  What more can we say about a depleted, and very young, inexperienced group?  Good luck tonight guys.  I mean that.  But what really scares the WhoDats out of me isn't just thinking about how Drew Brees can pick them apart like smiling ducks at an arcade shooting gallery.  No; - actually the hairs on the back of my head stand up because of the state of confusion which exists between our Corners and Safeties.  Their lack of communication has not only been confounding, it's also high time Coach Giunta and Coach Merritt had these issues resolved.  And if they haven't by now, then Perry Fewell should have.  This isn't the first time I brought this up.  And tonight, they're getting put under the microscope.  We'll have answers to some of my concerns regarding these matters a little later in the evening.  For tonight will go a long way towards establishing this team's identity.  Lastly on Defense, I'd like to know how exactly the Giants will combat Drew Brees with a pass rush that is suddenly MIA?  I don't know the answer to that one either..  All I can say is the Giants' sack specialists need to show up.

Defensively, the teams are actually pretty even in most categories.  But the Saints have scored roughly one-hundred more points than the Giants this season.  And if the running game remains stuck in tar, I don't believe the Giants can keep Drew Brees off the field long enough so as to give Eli a realistic chance at going toe-to-toe in a shoot-out.  The running game has to chip in, which includes Jacobs catching more passes out of the back field.  ...The running game MUST chip in in order to win.

With David Diehl moving to left Tackle so Kevin Boothe can play Guard, and Kareem McKenzie apparently ready to go, can the Offensive Line lead the running game to daylight?  In order to keep the Saints 300+ point offense at bay, they better.  If the Giants' intention this season is to not be their own worst enemy..., they better.

We know what kind of game the Giants need to play. It has to be low scoring and dominated by the Defense.  Then we need some key plays on Offense.  We've done this sort of thing before. The big question is can we do it tonight?

I've never lamented injuries with this team.  I do not plan to start now.  But by midnight or so, expect the New York Giants to have a new identity. way or the other.

Let's Go Giants!


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