Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yankee Hating all the way to the Bank

Who can afford to purchase the free agents they continually do ~ not to mention spending half a-billion dollars in one winter, and committing to one player for quarter of a billion dollars (twice in theory);
make trades that substantially increase payroll by replacing stars with stars
(see Sheffield/Abreu);
spend rewardingly to retain their own farm procured talent;
who continually outspend their mistakes (see laundry list of pitchers over last 9 years) without so much as a wincing of pain;
who can pay a pitcher $40 million dollars and banish him to AAA for life (you know who);
...manage ALL these things, ALL at the same time AND STILL..... AJ BURNETT a hamper load of money Not To Pitch in the playoffs.  I don't know exactly what he's making without checking, but I believe it's $17 million.  He was brought to the Yankees to be the number two starter, assuming Andy Pettitte's retirement.

But because he is what he has been, the Yankees very nonchalantly decided he would not start.

If AJ Burnett were on the TWINS, RANGERS, RAYS, REDS, BRAVES, or 20 other teams..etc etc;
(before I go further ~ YES! The Giants benched Zito ~ big hole in my theory...I get that!)

...But, my point is, any other team has no choice but to start him.  There's no way in hell he would be benched if he played elsewhere.  A healthy pitcher?  A team paying him $17 million-per, purchases him for one reason; to pitch!

Before you get all bent out of shape, remember I asked who/what team has the ability to manage ALL of what I pointed out....AND STILL go forward benching AJ.

The two answers are the Yankees

No one else.

That's not my opinion.  That's fact.
ALL these assertions are verifiable.  Opinion plays no part in this.

How do you think the Yankees would fare if they continually had a payroll of say $140 million; still a high end number in Baseball expenditures.  I'll be generous and say $150 Million; $165 Million.  Those to numbers would still represent the highest payrolls.  Add in the $50 and $60 million on top of that...and.....

Now, if you're emotionally invested in the game of Baseball and the Yankees as a fan
and you find exception with what I said...that's the facts speaking to you.  Not me.
If you find yourself fuming while reading this because you imply that I'm injecting opinion, you have a complex then.  I haven't said anything yet.

Now...,you don't need to say it; I'll say it for you,
Hear that America?  Was that loud enough Yankee fans?

Don't hate the messenger.  Hate the "Game" cause I'm just saying....
Everyone is welcome to interpret this any way they like.

Enjoy the Championship Series!


"signed ~ The Classic Yankee Hater"

Me?  I'm just Mike.

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  1. I kind of know what it feels like to be a Yankee fan. I'm a fan of the Lakers, and they get the same kind of hate the Yanks do around the country.

    The Lakers and Yanks do similar things. They spend the most money, they get the best players and they both win. Those three things will make people hate.


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