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Next Game  ~  vs. Detroit Lions @ New GIANTS STADIUM ~ Sunday - October 17, 2010

Due to the impasse Cablevision and FOX have arrived at in their Fees negotiations, in all probability I will not be watching tomorrow's game on TV.  I can't tell you how much I would love to go off on a profanity laced rant right now regarding my feeling about said negotiations and how "WE" always get shafted by it all.  But, I'm trying to run a G-Rated site here, and, well....,   What do you say we just move on, OK?

I'd like to say the Giants will handle the Lions with relative ease tomorrow.  But I can't.  My Giants brain just isn't wired like that.  I root scared thinking we will lose every game.  I often tell my son, Football is only fun when the game is over and only if you win.  That's it.  Think about it. 

That's my experience.  The game itself is more aggravating and nerve racking than anything; No?

But I do think the Giants should be able to handle these guys.  How easily is another story.  Being 10 point favorites is something that doesn't jive with me for some reason.  I can see the Giants letting the Lions annoyingly stay within the spread and making my early afternoon uncomfortable, yet again.  Like I said, that's just the way I root.  They just have a habit of taking a step backwards after taking two forwards these last years.

Is it me?  Am I being an incorrigible pessimist?  No.

It's Coach Gilbride.  The guy just bugs me out.  He's really a good offensive coordinator.  And although I may make you think other wise, I like him and I'm glad he's our O.C.   But he feeds his ego and gets too cute.  He stubbornly tries to force his will on a game plan when he should be making adjustments.  He's too damn pass happy for my tastes.

If there was ever a game the Giants should commit to pound-pound-pound, it's this game.  Get this running game in gear.  Commit to it; commit to it all day long.  Let's try to embrace it and impose it on the Lions this week.  The run game has indeed been improving weekly, yes, and I know this sounds like criticism.  It's really not because I'm talking about philosophical differences with Gilbride. 

Coach, for a week, can we be a run team?

I want to be playing on all cylinders as we head into the following week's game against DALLAS.

And there it is!!  I just committed the supreme mistake.  I looked beyond the Lions in anticipation of the Cowboys game.  For a Football team, that would signal the ultimate embarrassment looms ahead; deserved for over-looking one's opponent.

Here's to hoping the Giants do not commit the same mistake I made.  If they do not take their next opponent too lightly, they'll be fine.  If they are looking ahead to the Cowboys game, prepare for Big Blue to get blown-out (if not blown out, very ugly then).

I'm sure Perry Fewell will have a plan to keep the Lions from mounting anything substantial.  As a matter of fact I envision the Giants Defense dominating tomorrow.  They've been on a steady up-tick.

So, that brings me back to Gilbride.  I just do not need him passing the damn ball every where when we don't have to.  And I do not believe we'll have to against the Lions.  I have bad vibes of 35 pass attempts with a three INT kinda day.  It's been windy as all hell around here lately.  C'mon Coach!  Run to Daylight tomorrow instead of trying to revive "AIR-CORYELL".

This is the perfect week to hand the ball off to Brandon Jacobs 15 to 20 times.  There is no reason why Ahmad Bradshaw can't have as many carries also.

Eli Manning should be throwing the ball no more than 22 to 25 times tomorrow.  If we're having to resort to passing the ball all over the place (last week 42 attempts for no real reason),  it's going to be because we're turning over the ball.  Barring that scenario, Coach Gilbride, tomorrow, all you need to do is pound it home.  We're a cold weather, outdoor team OK there big fella?  This isn't the ASTRODOME.

The only things we need to do against the Detroit Lions are "Run to Daylight" and "Run with Power" and we'll be fine.

Let's Go Blue!!


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