Sunday, October 03, 2010

NYG ~ Big Blue Offensive Talk


Remember the Giants/Jets pre-season game; the game when Eli got his forehead smashed up? 
J-E-T-S ~ "Just Enjoy The Stitches" ~  yeah, that game? 

Eli, how's your head now?  After last week's left handed pass attempt, you had me wondering. 

But for anyone who's been paying close attention over the first 3 weeks, The O-Line needs to give Eli a lot more time than they have other wise that scar will never heal until season's end.

Then simply put, I've been imploring Brandon Jacobs to show up.  But the O-Line needs to help him out.  Ahmad Bradshaw is a different kind of cat and creates his own chances often enough.  But the Brandon Jacobs power game starts with the guys up front. 

The image Giant fans like to remember is of the Giants O-Line deleting opposing d-lines and creating monster holes for Brandon to run through (when he used to run North/South).  When that happened, by the time linebackers and safeties plugged the hole, Brandon already had a full head of steam and we saw the consequences for gamely would-be tacklers.  Tackling Brandon at that point became a painful endeavour.

But, there has been no discernible push by this O-Line so far this season.  There isn't a Defensive Lineman who's played the Giants this season who's gotten pushed back and off the line of scrimmage.  The surge just hasn't been there like we are accustomed to.  And Brandon Jacobs is part victim to that dilemma.

Yes, the O-Line is a dilemma.  I do not say that as a knee jerk reaction to the 3 personal fouls incurred by  Kareem McKenzie and David Diehl either.  I say that because Diehl is out of position (but that's because he's capable).  Shaun O'Hara's knee is barking loudly.  He has no real or worth while practice time to speak of this season.  He's a compromised player right now.

The most damning indictment against this O-Line still has to be their performance (or lack there-of) against the Colts.  The O-Line had no, zero; none; - answer for the Colt's pass rush.  They pass rushed round the outside on us and we had no answer for the speed.

So, if there is no surge from a fragile and out of position O-Line in the rushing game, and there is little to no pass protection for Eli to work with...., yea, I'd classify that as somewhat of a dilemma.

For now, until they get a little healthier and more consistent,  it's up to Coach Gilbride to adjust the play calling accordingly.  Three step drops help; draw plays help; all those minor adjustments in play calling help.  But, I will maintain a consistent stance on this one thing ~ don't expect to get Brandon Jacobs "off" by just giving him the ball 6 times a game.  What ever happened to running with power 20 times.  It's a battle of the will; a battle of attrition isn't it?  Isn't it true, a proven Giant formula is running with power and by the time the forth quarter rolls around, the Battle of the Line of Scrimmage is a no contest?

In so far as power football and the running game, sure, I put that on Coach Gilbride.  I think he is too pass happy; Yes, too pass happy.  He sets up the run with the pass and not the other way around.  That kind of weirds-out Giant fans who aren't conditioned to such a thing.  But that's for another day.

The main point of this essay is to say, let's admit it, our Offensive Line is a dilemma at the moment.  It's a proud unit who've been together for a long time.  They have all my respect.  But things are what they are.


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