Tuesday, October 08, 2019

N.Y. Jets: Offensive Line Puts Futility on Full Display

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Eagles   31
Jets         6

I don't know who I feel more sorry for, Luke Falk or Le'Veon Bell. 

Philadelphia brought the pain against Falk, sacking him ten times but essentially hitting and harassing him all game long largely without utilizing the blitz.  Poor guy was lucky to complete 15 of 26 attempts for 120 yards, with two INT, and two fumbles, and still live to tell about it.  Jets quarterbacks have now been sacked 23 times, and hit another 43 times this season.  The offensive line allows 13 sacks against their first three opponents, therefore Sunday's performance is no aberration. 

The same offensive line tasked with protecting Falk is also yet to create any detectable daylight for Le'Veon Bell.  Through four games the Jets have rushed 83 times for 264 yards.  That averages to 21 attempts and 66 yards per game.  Le'Veon Bell has rushed 71 times for 206 yards, and has caught 20 passes for 121 yards.  That averages out to 18 rushes for 51 yards, and five receptions for 30 yards.  All told he is averaging 23 touches for 81 yards per game.  These are hardly Le'Veon Bell numbers.  Coming off a bye week their performance is made even more ponderous. 

But Adam Gase would have us believe everything instantly changes once Sam Darnold returns under center.  The problem I have with quarterback gurus is they're just that: quarterback specialists.  Put them in charge of a whole team, and they become a little short for answers.  In the meantime Gase completely blundered an entire week of practice giving Sam Darnold the majority of practice reps knowing he'd be out for Sunday's game.

There seems to come a point in every Jets season where we ask ourselves: can it get any worse?

We are there ...

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