Saturday, February 23, 2019

N.Y. Mets: Noah Syndergaard Wields Hammer on Free Agency

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New York Mets: Thor Says Make No Pitch Before Its Time.

Don't count on the Mets serving up Noah Syndergaard a four/five year early bird special similar to those recently gobbled up by the Yankees Luis Severino and the Phillies Aaron Nola.  For it appears offering Noah a higher premium for his remaining years of arbitration and shaving a few years off free agency is now officially off the menu.

Apparently that's the bottom line, because Noah Syndergaard said so.  The man they call Thor made his position quite clear just a few days ago when he said,
"I trust my ability and the talent that I have.  I feel like I'm going to bet on myself in free agency." - The Athletic.

And why not ...

Business wise, it's the right move.  As someone who turns 27-years old this coming August, any prospective four/five year deal would expire during his early thirties.  All it takes is one look around to know the present landscape for thirty-something free agents is changing before our very eyes.  And make no mistake ... Noah is paying very close attention as Jacob deGrom and the Mets front office speak of hammering out a new deal but have yet to exchange a single dollar figure.  Therefore, why would Noah put himself in such a position when he most certainly stands to make more money on the open market as a 29-year old and still in the midst of his prime athletic years.

His name was also the focus of constant off-season trade scuttlebutt.  Some players are immune to rumors; others not so much.  But at this point, it seems as if mutual loyalty has left the building.  Thus I believe Brodie Van Wagenen is inclined more now than ever to actually follow through with a trade involving Syndergaaard.  I heard the following on the radio, of which I fully agree: Syndergaard could very well wind up dealt to the San Diego Padres.  On the heels of signing Manny Machado, the Padres are starved for pitching but very rich in touted, and potentially obtainable prospects.

It's also no coincidence the Mets have a quickly developing quandary on their hands.  Zack Wheeler becomes a free agent after this season; Jacob deGrom is eligible after 2020; and Syndergaard is eligible after the 2021 season.  The odds of the Mets retaining all three are remote.

What's a general manager to do?

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