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N.Y. Giants: Tom Coughlin Fires Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

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No defense for his defense...

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: Tom Coughlin Wields Ax At Two Members Of Defensive Staff.
Preamble: No Quarter...
I thank the Giants for losing the final game of the season.  It keeps things in proper perspective, for we need to call the Giants what they were: a woefully inconsistent team.
I can't have a late season surge against the Titans, Hogs, and Rams, change any minds or lend false hope; not again.
Last season, this team lost six straight games.  This season, they lost seven straight games.  The only team they defeated in 2014 with a winning record were the (9-7) Houston Texans in Week Three.  Otherwise, their 25-24 Week Thirteen loss to the Jaguars was truly the low point of their disappointing 6-10 season.

Tom Coughlin Adresses Problem #2: Defensive Staff - Perry Fewell and Peter Giunta Fired.

Someone needed to pay a heavy price for what transpired this past season.  On Wednesday, it was announced that Giants head coach Tom Coughlin fired his friend and defensive coordinator of five seasons, Perry Fewell.

Not a single Giants fan was pleased to hear Coughlin's support, and apology for Fewell during the team's recent post-season presser.  But, Tom Coughlin is no fool; he knew he needed to make a change.  The results over the last two seasons screamed for corrective action.  This in effect was the unspoken trade off for Coughlin not getting fired himself.

The Giants will now move forward with a totally revamped cabinet; their new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, and an as yet to be determined new defensive coordinator.

Word is former defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is among the lead candidates to get interviewed for the job.  He is someone I would welcome back with both arms, and not necessarily because we won a Super Bowl with him.  The fact is, he's been the only coach to get any kind of inspired play out of Giants linebackers.

That said, I still feel the Giants linebackers coach of the last 6 seasons, Jim Herrmann, needs to join Fewell on the unemployment line.  He has largely failed to develop or elevate guys like Michael Boley, Mathias Kiwanuka, Jacquian Williams, Kieth Rivers, Spencer Paysinger, or anyone, to higher levels of play.

In a somewhat surprising move, however, Tom Coughlin also dismissed his cornerbacks coach, Peter Giunta, who has been on his staff since 2004.

I tend to blame Perry Fewell's system for much of the confusion routinely demonstrated by the corners, not necessarily Peter Giunta.  Coach Coughlin perhaps knows better on this one.  That said, Peter Giunta is unemployed and I say he has Perry Fewell to thank.

My only question then, if Giunta goes, why does safeties coach Dave Merritt get to stay?


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