Sunday, October 12, 2014

N.Y. Giants: Time To Silence All That Chirping

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Philadelphia Eagles
The City of Thuggery Love

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: Big Beaks Demand An Answer.

That's a lot of crap coming out of Philly.  I can smell it from here.  And nothing too kind has been coming out of the Eagles mouths either.

So, who's in charge of the Eagles Twitter account anyway?  Nickelodeon?

Was that video filmed inside the jail at Lincoln Financial Field?

In truth, the only thing Eli Manning needs to worry about in Philadelphia, is Philadelphia itself.

#BlackSunday (?)  Really?

Hey, I know...   Hash tag this ya bunch of filthy birds..!  Here comes the blimp!!  ....crashing into the Eagles Super Bowl aspirations - Oh the humanity!

They got math jokes too?  Here's a problem for their text book - Let's see how many Big Blue sacks Jason Kelce can count to.  I know Tom Coughlin can count to 2....ssssssUPER Bowls.

Although I despise playing on Sunday/Monday/Thursday night, this is actually going to be a great day for football.  Two teams with hate for each other - I wouldn't have it any other way.

For a change, this game actually means something (to the Giants) for the first time in 2 seasons.  And if you're like me, then you appreciate when this division is at its best - that's if the Giants are up to par, of course.

That's what we're about to find out.

Remember, this is an Eagles/Giants game, which means zany shit happens. So, expect it.

But what about the Eagles?  Simple..., I'm unimpressed with their victories over the last place Jaguars, last place D.C. Hogs, and last place Rams.  I'll cede them the Colts.

Even without Rashad Jennings, I think the Giants will do more against Philly's defense, than Philly will manage against the Giants defense.  This will be the offensive line's 6th straight game together. There's gotta be a reward for that.  Scientific..., I know.  And despite Beason still out, the Giants have gotten good play from their linebackers, and the secondary.

There is much to like heading into this game.


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