Tuesday, October 14, 2014

N.Y. Giants: Big Blue A No-Show In Philadelphia

From the desk of:  DO IT FOR THE DUKE


Giants         0

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: Jon Beason makes inconsequential return; Victor Cruz likely out for season.

It was hard to piss off The Duke.  But, this game surely would have.  This game would have pissed off John's grandfather too.  It was the Eagles.

Sunday's loss puts the Giants 2 games behind both Philadelphia and Dallas (whom defeated the Seahawks in Seattle).  But we all know that's only scratching the surface.

This was a demoralizing straight up beat down.

The offensive line, starting their 6th straight game together, and seemingly improving, failed to get the running game going, and allowed an amateurish 8 sacks (6 Manning; 2 Nassib).  Justin Pugh was the culprit in 3 of those.

Steve Weatherford almost doubled the Giants offensive output with his foot.

And of course, there's the obvious bad news: It looks as if Victor Cruz is out for the remainder of the season.

The return of Jon Beason didn't help at all.  Defensively, they allowed 200+ yards on the ground (149 of that to LeSean McCoy), and another 248 yards through the air via 7 different receivers.

Demontre Moore recorded the only sack on Nick Foles, and was the only Giant to touch him all game.

Special teams have been absolutely atrocious since Week One.

This isn't my line - I heard it on TV, but it's true.  The Eagles looked faster than the Giants in every aspect of the game.

On Monday, it is clear they are not as good as 3 consecutive victories led us to believe.

Unless they rebound in Week 7 against the Cowboys, the Giants will sped their bye week listening to everyone list everything wrong with them.

The lists are long, but they'll get the benefit of one more week to figure this out.

I'll only say that the more Jerry Reese has relied on free agency, the worse this team has gotten.


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