Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New York Rangers: Not Signing Colton Orr Still A Mistake


NEW YORK RANGERS - Penny Foolish, Orr, Dollar Foolish; The Four Year Mistake Still Lives.  Blueshirts Still Paying Price For Not Re-Signing Colton Orr.

Bruins Expose A Fist Full Of Problems
Who Will Fight Our Battles Now That Brandon Prust Is Gone?

....Since before they dropped the puck in game one, this is all I have been talking about.

Is Arron Asham the new Rangers enforcer now?  Is that the plan?  And exactly how much ice time will the Rangers allot him so as to make a difference?  How much time are the Rangers willing to give both Mike Rupp and Arron Asham?  At least Stu Bickel has a legitimate skill level to warrant ice time.  Asham isn't a scrub.  But, c'mon.  Ideally, you want someone who can fight, but someone who still warrants ice time, and can contribute to a forward line.

You know how the Rangers could have avoided this whole mess (in my opinion) they suddenly find themselves in?  Let me put it this way.  When Glen Sather was obsessed with doling out ridiculo-dollars for apathy inspiring players like Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, and Wade Redden, he failed to put money aside for a very worthwhile enforcer named Colton Orr.  Donald Brashear, Derek Boogaard, and the departure of Brandon Prust are all the continuing reminders of the mistake Sather made by simply not signing Colton Orr back then.

Maybe I'm just partial.  But Colton Orr would have fit in beautifully right now.  As you can see, filling this need has been a problem for the Rangers ever since his departure to Toronto four seasons ago.

The Rangers have back-to-back games now against Boston, then Philadelphia.  We already witnessed bad blood carry over from last season when the Rangers and Bruins opened the season.  The Devils routed the Flyers Tuesday night, which makes Philly 0-3 to start the season.  So I fully expect the Flyers to try and thug their way toward an eventual win.  And why not?  If the word isn't out already, it should be.  The Rangers have a problem.


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