Thursday, May 26, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Gee Still Good As Gold

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Dillon Gee and Bad Weather Too Much For Cubbies.

Game Two; Series @ Chicago Cubs

It wasn't exactly the most artful display of pitching.  Considering the weather, it was damn good though.  Guys like Jack Morris and David Wells carved out careers on high-support starts like this.  So, on  a cold, dank, windy, and at times down right rainy night in Wrigley, Dillon Gee pitched to the scoreboard.  He gave up four quick runs in the first inning, then gathered his bearings and went to work.  And the Mets responded by giving him back a lead.  Gee held on to it through the sixth inning.  He didn't give up a hit from the 3rd through the 6th inning.

Dillon Gee's Line Before Rain Delay:
6 - innings pitched
77 - pitches/ 46 -  strikes
4 - hits
4 - earned runs
2 - walks
4 - strikeouts

I'm not about to anoint Dillon Gee as the new Mets' stopper; you know, the guy who stops losing streaks.  But he certainly has filled that role.  But let's just keep this to ourselves before we blow this too, shall we?.  Truth is, he's come up from Buffalo and has done everything the Mets could have a right to expect and more.  Take it a step farther?  OK, the kid has been down right stellar.  And he's been like this since last year's call up.

It's a kid like Gee, and others, that believe it or not, make the season more enjoyable to watch than I might let on.  The different and young players are very refreshing and the Mets are in desperate need of more.

Dillon was 3-0 coming into tonight's game.  When the rain started to come down at 10:07pm and stopped the game, Gee was in possession of a winning chip to cash in just in case the now official game didn't resume.  Up until that point, the Mets cranked out 12 hits and 7 runs.  Every Met in the line-up had a hit with the exception of Dillon Gee.

Within forty minutes of the tarp being placed on the field, it was announced the game was a rain shortened final.  Dillon Gee has now won his Fourth game since being called up from Buffalo.  He is now 6-2 in his MLB rookie days.

Skid stopped.


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