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PIGSKIN 2016: Week Three


Week Three


Week Two Record:  5-9
Overall Record:  10-17-1
Schmear of the Week:  1-1
BAGELS in the Basket:  -8

Coin Flip:
  • Loading up on Hate-O-Rade ... Who throws the first punch, (NYG) Odell Beckham Jr., or (D.C.) Josh Norman?
1st and Ten:
  • Denver Broncos?  No Peyton Manning?  No problem.
2nd and Short:
  • The Patriots have already gone through two back-ups.  Danny Amendola is warming up in the bullpen.
No Gain:
  • So much for seizing the moment.  The AFC East might as well hand the New England Patriots the division flag.  Team Belichick is now 3-0 without Tom Brady.  The Jets can only hope to stay close in the standings this Sunday against Kansas City.

Week Three
Friday Line ~ NYDN

GIANTS -4 (d.c. hogs)
Homer Alert!!  Outside of anticipating a continuation of last week's defensive effort, you'll be getting no objectivity from me ... not today.  Sorry.  Otherwise, my overwhelming sentiment is just get this done!
ICYMI: Revamped defense Seeking to Establish a Trend 
ICYMI: Coach McAdoo Earns Game Ball for Week Two
Loss  29-27 Hogs

CHIEFS -3 (Jets)
Week Three is what I call the Sunday of corrective pigskin.  By now, every team has fingerprint files on the opposition piled six feet high (I just dated myself).  In any event, that means teams are starting to get stuff figured out.  Three or four of my picks are based on this thinking.  With regards to the Jets, Kansas City will no doubt attempt to negate Matt Forte first, then >>> !!make!! <<<<  Ryan Fitzpatrick put the ball in the air.
WIN  24-3 Chiefs

Broncos +3 (BENGALS)
Fresh meat!!!  The only way the Bengals will be able to protect their quarterback is with a restraining order.  Andy Dalton's body already feels like it's Week Twelve.  Don't expect much out of the Bengals this week ... not against the Broncos defense.
WIN  29-17 Broncos

TITANS -1 1/2 (Raiders)
I like the Raiders this season.  But this will be one of those corrective games, as if to say don't get too high on them just yet.  There's plenty of room (in the spread) for the Titans to make mistakes, and still cover comfortably.
Loss  17-10 Raiders

Cardinals -4 (BILLS)
The wounded Buffalo is now in critical condition.  Rex Ryan's brother is on board.  In plain English, that spells d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r.   Just ask Dallas and New Orleans.
Loss  33-18 Bills

Ravens -1 (JAGUARS)
Baltimore is the weakest 2-0 team on the planet.  Meanwhile, Jacksonville just might be the most promising 0-2 team on the board.  I'm just not willing to say the Jags win this game outright.  See the Raiders ... sometimes you gotta pay your dues.
WIN  19-17 Ravens

DOLPHINS -9 1/2 (Browns)
After games against the Seahawks and Patriots, there's enough going on with Miami to warrant such a line.  They're a true hard luck 0-2 team.  The Browns on the other hand, are just soooooo inconsequential.  In fact, they should be made to pay an NFL retention fee to the other 29 owners just for keeping them around.  RG3 leads a long list of Cleveland injuries, and wounded fans.
Loss  30-24 Dolphins  o.t.

Lions +5 1/2 (PACKERS)
The Lions haven't exactly fallen off a cliff in the post Megatron era.  But this is definitely called striking while the iron is hot.  The Packers do not have their act together ... yet.
Loss  34-27 Packers

PANTHERS -7 (Vikings)
Another half point on this game would make life much easier.  I like Minnesota's chances of keeping this close.  And even though Adrian Peterson hasn't been running like Adrian Peterson, the opposition still had to plan for him.  Carolina doesn't have that problem this week.  They can focus on getting after whats-his-face.
Loss  22-10 Vikings

SEAHAWKS -9 1/2 (Niners)
This is the opposite of Raiders and Ravens.  Even without a running game, this will be Seattle's way of reminding everyone they're the Seahawks.  The Niners will be exposed as a bad team.
WIN  37-18 Seahawks

BUCS -5 (Rams)
Turnovers ... if Tampa limits them, they have the best shot.  Speaking of shots, Tampa's tight end was fired from the team after his recent DUI arrest, making this is my flakiest selection of the lot.
Loss  37-32 Rams

Steelers -3 1/2 (EAGLES)
I'm ready for some good 'ol Pennsylvania on Pennsylvania crime.  I am so rolling with the Steelers.   There's something about this line, though, that screams too good to be true.
Loss  34-3 Eagles

Chargers +3 (COLTS)
Bad Luck ... I'm strictly throwing San Diego a bone here.  But I'm getting sick and tired of throwing them bones these last three years.  This is the last time.  I swear.
Loss  26-24 Colts

COWBOYS -7 (Bears)
Even without Tony Romo, Dallas will own a preponderance of talent when both teams take the field Sunday.  This is the one game that wreaks of PUSH.  Can't trus it.
WIN  31-17 Cowboys

Schmear of the Week: 1-1
Cardinals -4

Guten Appetit
The last days of the backyard harvest ... basil, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, etc., so I'm making use of what my dirt provides.
  • Morning - using peppers and tomatoes in omelettes.
  • Day - pre roast, and stuff remaining green peppers with diced chicken, tomato, onions, rice, a little sauce, topped with provolone, bake and broil to finish.  Still plenty of tomatoes for Italian bread pizza (bruschetta, basil, garlic, fresh mozzarella, sprinkles of parmesan), and of course a big mixed salad w/tomato and cucumbers.  
  • Next week I pickle whatever green tomatoes remain for the winter months.

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday everyone!

Post Game
Week Three Record:  5-9
Overall Record:  15-26-1
Schmear of the Week:  1-2
BAGELS in the Basket:  -15

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