Thursday, September 24, 2015

N.Y. Giants: Attack Washington's Defense With Power, Please!

From the desk of:  DO IT FOR THE DUKE

The running game is presently the only aspect of Giants Football functioning properly.
Why not feature it Thursday Night against Washington?

D.C. Hogs
New York Giants
Snoopy Stadium

NEW YORK GIANTS: The choreography of well executed passing is a sight to behold; true art in motion.  But, when throwing the pigskin short circuits, one must revert to more traditional methods.  It is time, then, to get this season turned around by utilizing brute force and ignorance.  After all, football is still football!  In fact, yet another 0-2 start demands a return to basics, if not a change in tactics.  Attack Washington's defense head on with power.  Please!

What happens when your corners aren't covering, your safeties make you feel unsafe, your linebackers aren't backing, and your pass rushers aren't pass rushing (mainly because the best one destroyed his hand prior to camp)?

For starters, you spend 68:45 on the field, yield 836 total yards, surrender 51 points over your first two games of the season, and play particularly poorly in 4th quarters.

Or, you could have just asked the Giants.

As fans, we fret over what can potentially come next.  Not RGIII or his replacement QB Kirk Cousins; here come D.C. running backs Alfred Morris and Matt Jones.  Stop those two, and perhaps the Giants can avoid a ponderous 0-3 start.

Washington only managed 34 points over their first two games.  Last week they put up 24 points against the Rams (whom surprisingly upset the Seahawks in Week One).  They otherwise lost 17-10 to the Fish in the season's opener.  The Dolphins have an inferior coach, but they're a tough team to play.  The Rams thing is tougher to explain.

In any event, tonight's game has less to do with the D.C. Hogs than it does the Giants.

Big Blue has no one to blame for their 0-2 start but themselves.  They led each of their first two games in the 4th quarter, and were poised to increase their lead each time.  Instead, they sabotaged potential victories with gross mental lapses in the closing minutes.

So, what does one do when one's wide receivers aren't receiving, and the quarterback is regressing?

For starters, you release sub-standard performers such as Preston Parker.  In the absence of Victor Cruz, the Giants needed someone to help take pressure (i.e. double coverage) off OBJ.  Parker couldn't catch the ball, much less lend a hand.  After last week's pitiful display Jerry Reese cut him, post-haste.

Rueben Randle is next.  I know he's had some sort of lingering ailment, but one can plainly see he is not contributing much either.  Randle has been given every opportunity here, and has yet to take a second step forward.  According to NYC codes, that's called loitering.  In football speak, he's...

I digress.

I recently went through Tom Coughlin's non-committal relationship with the run.  With yet another 0-2 start, he is now bordering on Einstein's definition of insanity.

After two games this season, the rush is the only aspect of the entire New York Giants team performing well.  Overall, however, the offense has possessed the ball a mere 52:45 out of a possible 120 minutes thus far.

An intensive night of running just might help keep the defense off the field for a change, lest we forget Dominique Rogers Cromartie will be a non-participant, while Jon Beason is entering real game action for the first time this season.

Easier said than done - I know.  Washington enters Met Life Stadium featuring a top rated defense coached by Joe Barry, whom is making a big difference.

That said, one must try for the sake of getting the Giants pointed in the right direction again. There's nothing to lose but another game, the division, the season, a head coach, and a general manager....

Now you get the idea - be adaptable.  It may be the only way out of this mess.

There's a Big Blue difference between being a sleeping Giant, and just being sleepy Giants. For now, they just need to wake up and rejoin a pathetically weak NFC East division race. The sleepy part falls on Jerry Reese.

Otherwise, those who want to run the ball, do.


Football Sunday
Week Three

Thursday Line ~ NYDN

Redskins +3 1/2 (GIANTS)
In truth, I think the line should be NYG -2 (Hogs).
I looked at that 1/2 point and was immediately intimidated.
I'm leaning towards a Giants win, but D.C. covers.

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