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N.Y. JETS ~ A Clash For TITANS




NEW YORK JETS:   We Have a Penalty.  Prior to the Game, Failure to Keep Mouth Shut - Head Coach of the Green Team.  Penalty to be Assessed Saturday Afternoon.

Never before have the Giants taken on the Jets; or the Jets against the Giants;  -  depending upon which allegiance you subscribe to; where both teams had so much at stake.  It's a game in which both teams have everything to gain, along with everything to lose.  They're two desperate, wounded animals, while each is unknowingly more frightened than the other.  Who then is better than Met-Life to draw up and underwrite a policy for Saturday's upcoming East Rutherford Riot.  For in the aftermath of this game, one of these two team's seasons will surely die.

Rex Ryan already stepped out of line and prematurely cut the ribbon on Snoopy Bowl I.  He said the Jets are the better team and have been for two years now.  I don't listen to him much.  I'd rather take up issue with those who overzealously attack Rex for every word he says.  At least he gives it straight.   I'm a Giants Fan but I'm not a Jets Hater.  Although sometimes you fans make me sick.  But I'm mildly interested in the Jets' success just as long as it doesn't interfere with my interests, of course.

Rex is an interesting cat.  I get what he's up to.  If the Media is too busy with him, it leaves his team with more time to concentrate on preparation.  That works to a point.  But everyone can still see what happens on the field with their own eyes.  Additionally, by supporting his players and propping them up the way he does, he creates an "us against the world" mentality.  He gets his guys to want to jump in front of a bus for him.  And in doing so, perhaps gets more out of a player than a player thought he could give.  When you multiply that by a roster, what you're left with is a confident and rambunctious team.

I'm only one guy, and with all the other stuff I like to keep tabs on, I admit, the Jets have suffered the most.  I haven't necessarily posted about you guys all season long.  But that doesn't mean I don't see what's going on.  In my weekly PIGSKIN predictions, I always made sure to include a lengthy paragraph in-lieu of a dedicated post.  As a matter of fact, last year's playoffs were some of the more fun games to write about; especially that second Patriots game.  So like I said, the only thing that came between this blog and the Jets was a lack of time.

I'm not bragging at all here, just merely trying to point out that I think I have a grasp of your team and maybe even more so than my own team.  Whether I picked for or against the Jets, I am 12-1 picking Jets games this season against the spread.  WooHoo...yeah I know.

Go back and you'll see I said point blank, they'd lose three straight games against the Raiders; Ravens; and Patriots.  And that only after that, will they straighten out.  Not because I don't think they're a good team.  I thought that because there were too many changes to the roster and Tanenbaum strayed from a successful formula that almost worked the year before.

There it is.  I think Mike Tannenbaum over-shot your bid for a Super Bowl this year.  I think he tinkered too much.  But I'm not saying you can't win a Super Bowl.  I merely think you had a better shot last season.  I think last season will prove to have been the best shot once this present assemblage of players gets purged somewhere down the line.

J  -  E  -  T  -  S

Just  Enjoy  Tannenbaum's  Signings

That's what I said back then.  And I stand by it.  The Jets are a good team with a good Coach.  But Mike Tannenbaum out-thought this one coming into 2011 I'm afraid. 

I'm also not about to start ripping Marc Sanchez.  Do I think he's up to snuff?  Not really.  But the Giants went through a lot of growing pains with Eli also.  And you can't take four road playoff victories off his young resume.  Things will start to click for him a lot more next season.  Don't forget how little college experience he had.  On the job training can be a brutal endeavour in the NFL .

Can Marc Sanchez beat the Giants over the top Saturday?  Probably, every one else has.  So why shouldn't he?  Perhaps the new two-headed Offensive Coordinator; Shotty-Moore; can find the right plays that suit his touch.  Can the Jets burn the Giants' linebackers in coverage; especially with Dustin Keller?  Yep.  Everyone else has.  Will Marc Sanchez have enough time to find all these receivers behind a troublesome Offensive Line?  Probably.  The Giants' pass rush is currently MIA.  Osi Umenyiora will miss another game and Justin Tuck is a compromised player right now.  So.., yeah, Marc Sanchez might have enough time to see things develop down field.

Can the Jets run the ball against the Giants?  It's going to be harder to do than passing against them.  But it can be done.  If all the Jets are looking for is ninety or so yards rushing from Shonn Green, he should get it.  The Giants have actually tightened up on the run considerable since early to mid-way through the season.  If Shonn Green was able to rush for seventy-three yards against Philly last week, he should be able to hit ninety against the G-Men.  And that happens to be just slightly above the Giants' rush against average of  +/- eighty-six yards per game.  Fact is, Shonn Green above anyone else, will help Marc Sanchez out the most.

Defensively, I think the Jets can really limit the Giants' running game.  One reason is because they can.  Another reason is the odds Kevin Gilbride ignores the run are good.  The Giants are also down to their third-string Tight End.  Let's just say the Jets have been covering Tight Ends this season from afar.  Last game, the TV posted a stat of all the League's Tight Ends whom had superlative days against the Jets.

Elsewhere, the Jets sure as hell aren't getting to the QB either.  They haven't all year.  Eli will have time to throw, and as a result I think there will be some company on Revis Island this week.  The Giants Fan in me says Kevin Gilbride will ask Eli to throw the ball upwards of thirty-five to forty times.  So I'm sure there will be a pass or two begging to get intercepted.  But no pass rush and no Jim Leonard at Safety calling signals will definitely work in Eli Manning's favor.  However, I never discount Rex's ability to dial up a unique game plan to hunt down, in this case, Eli with.

Do I have a prediction?  No!  Not even as a Giants fan.  I have no clue is going to win this game.  At least today I don't.  Therefore Jet fans, I hope you guys play an amateurish, pathetic, and overall poor game.  Those are my hopes.  But good luck to you all the same. 

See you on the streets.


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