Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NJ/BKN Nets ~ New Jersey's Final Opening Night

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N.J./BROOKLYN NETS:   Last Exit To Brooklyn.

Deron Williams will get to lead this team from start to finish this season.  He started by leading Net scorers Monday night with twenty-three points and nine assists.  If the season's first game was any indication, then the Nets had better do everything possible to entice him to stay and move with the team to Brooklyn. 

That's going to be hard as they failed to pry Dwight Howard from Orlando in a timely manner.  There was a lot hanging on acquiring the premiere center.  There still is.  Then things took a turn for the worse.  Brook Lopez got injured and will miss substantial time.  His injury effectively sabotages any deal now.  Plan B made the Nets tap out this season's available salary cap space as well.  So it's safe to say the Nets are already fighting an uphill battle entering their last season in New Jersey. 

And what of New Jersey?  How will a soon to be disenfranchised fan-base react knowing full well tonight's home-court Opening Game in New Jersey is their last?   Will apathy rule the night?  Or will they embrace the team one last time?

And then there's the strangely hilarious situation with Chris Humphries.  If he played Vaudeville back in the day, he'd have been covered with rotten vegetables and fruit by now.  What's the deal with all the booing?  This is hysterical!  Sorry Dude, but that's what happens when you jump from your arena and into the world of Reality TV and Kim Kardashian's arena of expertise. Stick to what you do best; rebounding basketballs.

As boos rained down upon him again, this time Chris Humphries did just that.  The Nets' first regular season game was played in the Nation's capital Monday where the Nets defeated the Wizards 90-84 in front of a personally hostile crowd for Chris.  The former Mr. Kardashian allied with Deron Williams and scored twenty-one points and brought down sixteen rebounds.  Keep doing that and they can boo all they want Kid.

Entering tonight's game against the Atlanta Hawks, the top story for me is the New Jersey crowd.  How will they receive their team tonight?

...And are they going to boo Chris Humphries tonight?  Can't wait to find out!

Barclays Center; Brooklyn




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