Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coast to Coast

This is for my Man, Roberto

"Vin Scully is My Homeboy"

This cat is the
Khan of Bobble-heads!!

I promised him some pictures of bobble-heads I've received over the years
at Brooklyn Cyclones games.

"Brooklyn Legends" series ~ Don Newcombe

Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz

Warner Fusselle
Brooklyn Cyclones Radio Announcer and
voice of "This Week in Baseball"

How's that for some West Coast love Kid?



  1. Nice collection! I love that Newcombe.

  2. Knew you would! LOL Those 3 are doubles. He asked me if I had any when I made a comment to one of his posts.

  3. Do you want to trade a Newcombe?

  4. The Newk and the other two are the only doubles I have. Roberto suggested a trade so I have to see where I get with him first. Otherwise any of the three are available to you.

  5. BTB - No problem. I understand. Let me know. If not, there are a couple on eBay.

  6. You guys are the Bobble Kings bro! These Brooklyn Cyclones bobbles are the only collection I have. I make sure I go to those games. I have a Clemente, but basically what I have is from the Cyclones. Now you guys have me all nuts with them so I took pictures of the rest of them. I'm getting that post together now. LOL

  7. BTB - yeah, Roberto is the man. I have close to 200 bobbleheads. I like to get my hands on anything Dodger-related.

  8. You guys are insane! I just posted some more bobbles from the Cyclones give-aways.


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