Sunday, February 14, 2010

Latest on NBA NETS to Brooklyn

As far as I can tell, Russian billionare Mikhail Prokhorov is still on course to purchase the Nets from Bruce Ratner.  That is something I'm very much in favor of. 

There seems to be a little more buzz and activity over at Atlantic Yards these days.  Brett Yormark, Nets CEO has said recently on sports radio, the plan is to be playing in Brooklyn by the 2011-2012 season.  I myself find that unlikely.  If they could start by 2012-2013 I'll be happy.  He also said something I find interesting which is he has no problems moving in mid-season.  Basically he said the moment the move can happen is the right moment to transition over to Brooklyn, regardless of what point of the season thay may be.  He even agreed with a scenario where the regular season could be played in N.J. and the playoffs in Brooklyn, should they advance.  Mr. Yormark reitterated anytime will be the right time.

(jersey, Junior's cafe)

I like what I'm hearing. 
The fact they are a 4 win team in mid-February doesn't concern me right now. 
I just want them here.

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