Thursday, December 17, 2009

The S.S. Wilpon....Rudderless!

Winter is just a couple of days away. Another season bereft of Met Magic has elapsed....again. This is as good a topic as any to kick things off. The quicker the Mets get their act together, the better.

Welcome to my blog fellow fans. I am the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger and I am a Mets fan.

If the Wilpon's have a plan, what is it? Are they keeping it a secret? What exactly are Omar and Jeff Wilpon talking about? If they have a plan they've given us fans no indication that it's even in effect.

So right off the bat, it is my opinion the Mets suffer from the field manager right on up to Mr. Fred Wilpon himself. Our roster issues truly are secondary to me. Our organization suffers from the neck, up, and I think it's time this organization went off campus to bring in new ideas to a barren and stale, inbred front office think tank. I say inbred in the sense that Omar, Duquette, Phillips and Mcllvaine before him were all familiar to the Wilpons and the Wilpons to them. First off the Mets begged Joe Mcllvaine to come back after Wilpon's insistance they hire Harazin. Later, with sole control of the team, Mr.Wilpon created the 2-headed GM, remember? They begged Omar to come back without relieving Duquette first. They are out of options to beg anyone back. Before I forget about Phillips...he was lucky to be around for the Florida Marlins' firesale. The players we imported from Miami had more to do with the Marlins' weak financial footing than any GM savvy Phillips excersized. Let's be honest. Every trade Phillips made after the Marlins' sale was ineffective if not misguided. Except for J.Hunsicker who never came back, the Wilpons have exhausted everyone they knew AND everyone they did know was brought into the fold by Frank Cashen. Additionally, ever since Nelson Doubleday endured all he could stand from Mr.Wilpon and sold him his half of the team in 2003 because he found Fred to be an insufferable partner, the S.S. Wilpon has been rudderless since. Doubleday ensured Piazza stayed in a Met uniform. Mr.Wilpon didn't want to cut that check.

This organization needs a transfusion. Someone help us because Mr.Wilpon is fresh out of ideas and there are no more remnants of Frank Cashen to fall back on. Ask the Marlins for permission to talk with Larry Beinfest. I know thats a remote possibility but they should be looking outside the organization this time. The thing is I like Omar, but business is our Mets and our Mets need fixing. The book is still open on Omar for the coming year, I'd imagine. But that book is closing fast. If Mr.Wilpon needs to shell out a couple of million to a consultant and help him make a solid executive hire, so be it. Left to their own machinations the Wilpons will turn right into the iceberg. Fellow Met fans, I do not like what I see growing on the horizon.

I intended one little paragraph to say hello tonight. I ranted instead like the Frustrated Flushing Fatalists. You can't fire the owner, so is this our fate?

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