Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NYY - Vasquez in, Melkey out. Hey SoxNation, remember him?

Yankee fans should have seen this coming. Melkey has been playing himself right out of town. He's good defensively and has a good arm. But his offensive skills were negligible and his progression was moving like the blob. He was too much of a clown in the dugout, especially teaming up with Robbie Cano for a real goofy time. Joe Girardi and Cashman shared a brain when they demoted Melkey to the farm in 2008. He was having too good a time and not really producing. He had his moments, but it didn't add up to quality playing time. Getting Granderson was basically the little push out the door. Who knows? Maybe Melkey will be better suited for the National League in Atlanta.

Moving Melkey for Javier Vasquez was a damn good move in my humble opinion. Sure Vasquez fizzled out after a great start of the season for the Bombers in 2004. He made the All-Star game with a very good 10-2 record (I think, but 10 wins is correct), going into the break. His second half was miserable. It turned out is arm was hurting and he didn't tell anyone.

His work in Chicago wasn't exactly stellar either. But I am willing to say it seems like he's an improved pitcher since 2004. He has nice strikeout totals and good BB/K ratio. He's serviceable. Most importantly, he is insurance against the Yanks continuing mishandling of Hughes and Joba, and a hedge because nobody is certain what Pettitte will have left. He will be facing other team's 3 or 4 starter depending on how the Yanks play it. So I'd say that's a good position to put him in to succeed for Javier's second stint in the Bronx.

Javier Vasquez. Is it giving you a sour taste in your mouth Yankee fans? Did this trade jar some bad memories for you?

C'mon SoxNation, this is your opening to jump in. Let me take you back; Back into time. The year was 2004 in typically crisp October. Game 7 of the ALCS, Bronx, and Joe Torre is in a quandary. It's the biggest game of the year against their hated rivals and Saint Joe has little pitching options for the game. The choice is between Kevin Brown (LOL) and Javier Vasquez. Vasquez must have fell out of favor for not being forth-coming during the second half of the season about his arm trouble. So, Joe Torre went with Kevin Brown. Boy did the SAWKS light him up. Papa Joe comes out to yank Brown, and calls upon Javier Vasquez to keep the Yankees in the game. Johnny Damon hits a grand slam off Vasquez. Yankees never had a chance that night. RedSoxNation was headed to the World Series. The Red Sox danced on the famed Yankee Stadium grass that night. Big Papi was the DJ spinnin' monster jams that series. The lifting of THE CURSE has as much to do with Kevin Brown and JAVIER VASQUEZ as any other reason.

Nation? I hope you'll give me props for holding down the fort down here in Brooklyn. I enjoyed that game and night incredibly. I won't say as much as you Beantowners because that wouldn't be right coming from a Mets fan. But I am Sox fan since the mid 70's too. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Outside the Mets my favorite player in life was Yaz. I must admit though, between my Mets and the Sox, there is no conflict should they play in a World Series (again).

Hot Stove baby! Warm up!

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