Tuesday, December 22, 2009

METS, Winter, BAY, MOLINA...the Silence is Deafening

The Bengie and Bay Show?

Jason Bay wants a 5th year from the Mets. Ben Molina wants a 3rd year from the Mets. If I'm the Mets I counter Bay with a 3 year offer and with Molina I stand firm on 2 years.

If these two individuals were in such demand, they would have signed already, here or anywhere.

NOBODY wants them! The Mets are competing against themselves for their services. Where are the other offers for these players? Where are they?

Aside from that, these are just stop gap players in the Mets' scheme of things, what ever that is. They have no plan in place. These two signings would just be more random acts of futility by the Mets front office. The Mets aren't in as bad a shape as I may portray, currently. But we are headed in the wrong direction and we're picking up speed.

Jason Bay.....3 year deal. I'd rather see Angel Pagan in left over a full season anyway. He just can't stay healthy it seems. Please Mister Met, bust into the Met Think Tank and give'em a good headbutt. Tell them not to sign Jason Bay for 5 years. I'm cool with Bengi for 2 years. That will buy us time till our kid catcher, Josh Thole is ready.

Why aren't the Mets showing interest in Matt Holliday? No gumption!

If anyone wanted Bay or Molina they would have signed already. Mets, you have all the leverage right now, considering there are no more pitchers left on the market. Bay is not going to change the overall direction of this organization. Don't get bogged down with an onerous contract in years (3), 4 and 5.

When Omar got here the Mets needed to address catcher, first base, second base, the outfield corners, #2 and #3 starting pitchers and the bullpen. That was 2005. Today, entering Omar's 6th year as GM, the Mets need to address catcher, first base, second base, the outfield corners, #2 and #3 starting pitchers and the bullpen. Sorry Omar, your predecessors gave you the only stability you have in Wright and Reyes. Johan Santana? You've earned credit for that. Nice job. Billy Wagner and K-Rod? OK, I'll give him that too. Beltran? Yep, you've earned that badge too. That leaves 20 other roster spots that are still in disarray since 2005 with no real improvement in sight either from the farm or the market and certainly not trades; we just don't have the chips for trades. right Omar?

This team was one pitch away from a World Series in 2006. It's seems they put their tale between their legs and have been fleeing in the opposite direction ever since.

Enjoy the silence everyone.

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