Wednesday, December 30, 2009

F-Mart, You Forgot Didn't You? We're Going to Need Him.

Fernando Martinez. He even came with a built-in nickname...F-Mart.

What happens to him now? Where does he fit into the Mets' future plans now that they signed Jason Bay? Is he a trade chip now? Did he turn off any advanced scouts with his play? Did he turn any on? Funny how our once most prized prospect's name wasn't even mentioned once this winter, about anything. Does he at least get to go back to being our top prospect again? Hmmm?.

I like Angel Pagan coming off our bench. I like Angel Pagan, period. He just needs to stay injury free if he wants to stay here and play for the Mets. Carlos Beltran is the X-Factor here. Is he going to stay healthy? He's becoming quite the fragile one. Can Jason Bay cover enough of CitiField's expansive left/center field. Heck, can Beltran's creeky knees keep after it in that big outfield? These are the things that concern me. Jason Bay can leg out a double OK, but he's not the swiftest of foot shagging balls in the gap. Jason doesn't have the Monster behind him here. At Citi he'll have an overly contrived, impotently high, black wall lined with orange laughing at him behind his back all game long.

The CitiField outfield demands swift footed fielders with good arms. The dimensions practically demand it. With Jason Bay out there I fear all we did was give city pigeons another statue to land on. This is not the second coming of DoNN Clendenon here folks. Donn's team had better PITCHING!

In a couple of years, 2 or 3, Jason Bay's contract and the contract of 7 other players will account for $110 million alone as a result of these back loaded contracts Omar has been giving out. Fred WILPON is going to freak!-just like he did in 1993 and 2003. He's going to be up to his earlobes in bad, late ballooning contracts of aged players and be fielding a miserable team with no young talent coming up from the farm in the near or distant future. I will scream this all day and all year. We keep mindlessly throwing money at second rate solutions to revolving and repeating problems, (see everyone other than Reyes, Wright & Beltran, the only stable elements the last 5 years). Meanwhile, we keep losing draft picks signing these free agents, and our farm system that has come to a grinding halt, a system with drying blood and lacking pulse, a thriving system since 1964, a proud system, is blue and orange in the face suffering lack of talent as a partial consequence. Whatever Tony Bernazard was or wasn't doing, and Omar Minaya not really following through with his reputation of scouting and evaluative acumen he originally was reknown for, sped up the decay of our lethargic minor system.

I'm a capitalist folks. I do not want a salary cap. You can't begrudge the Mets. They spend money. All I'm asking for is a plan...A freakin' PLAN and stop throwing away perfectly good money on mindless out the door purchases. Be smarter. Use free agency sparingly to put you over the top or to get that last piece of the puzzle. It shouldn't be used to stock your roster. Farm production, astute trades then free agency, in that order, is what I'm all about. Any dummy can write a check. Any GM can spend over a billion dollars in 10 years and walk away with one World Series to show for it. *(Holy Cow...I went there!)* You think that's smart GM'ing? I call it going to Vegas and doubling-down until you win back your losses and walking away with some cash too.

Where are my TUMS?

METS' HISTORY is, was and always should be ensconced in Pitching and Defense. With CitiField's dimensions, that traditional Mets' philosophy is never more appropriate, never more ideal, for this team, than right now!

Captain Chaos and his sidekick Confusion (that would be Mets-R-Us featuring lil'Jeff), need now, more than ever to hire outside consultation.

We are heading into the iceberg but in the First Class section no one has a clue.

Jason Bay is another patch in the quilt, not a piece to a puzzle.

Another short sighted move fostered by an organization that has no real plan in place? Check.

This team has not developed anyone since Wright and Reyes that have had impact. That covers a 4 to 5 year drought. I like Pelfrey. Yep, I sure do. Just don't talk impact to me yet.

Fernando Martinez. Don't forget about him Met fans. I know you did! Someone is going to get hurt in our outfield in a New York Minute. I hope he's there to step in and step up.

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