Wednesday, October 19, 2016

N.Y. Giants: Three Cheers for Mediocrity

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New York Football Giants: Jerry Reese's off-season investment upgraded to hold.

The New York Giants achieved par with a close victory over the Baltimore Ravens.  

But is today's 3-3 record tomorrow's 8-8 season?

Think about it...

While it's true, the Giants aerial exploits have been pretty damn astonishing, 35-year old Eli Manning is nevertheless throwing behind an offensive line he has little confidence in, has no tight end to speak of, and is minus backfield outlet Shane Vereen.  

Yet Eli, Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard, and of course Odell Knucklehead Jr., have the Giants offense ranking 2nd in the NFL in overall passing yards, and 3rd in passing yards per game.

As we've seen, however, the running game is non-existent.  Little Blue ranks 27th in the league in overall rushing, and 30th in rushing yards per game.  

In turn, the Giants rank 21st in overall points scored, and 25th in points scored per game.  Through six games, the Giants have scored 116 points for an average of 19.3 per game, while their opponents have scored 131 points against them, for an average of 21.8 points per game.  That's a 2 1/2 point handicap they must overcome.

Defensively, if last season was rock bottom, then all indications to date at least point towards mediocrity:
  • 12th yards allowed.
  • 14th yards allowed per game.
  • 10th passing yards allowed.
  • 11th passing yards allowed per game.
  • 15th least rushing yards allowed.
  • 12th least rushing yards allowed per game.
  • 17th most points allowed.
  • 14th least points allowed per game.

Said another way, Jerry Reese is presently breaking even on his off-season investments, but getting killed on fees.  On Wall Street, that's called a dog.

In football, it's called running with the pack.

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