Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Super Bowl 50: Giants Bust Broncos XXI

1967  ~  2016


Denver Broncos     20
New York Giants   39

The first ... my first ... OUR first Super Bowl ... and the Giants first NFL championship since the glory days of 1956.  

Don't forget Jets fans, it was Big Blue rooters whom first flew sign-towing planes over the Giants practice field several decades ago.  Now, finally, the Duke's 30-year rebuilding plan came to fruition.

Just as with the Mets, I spent the late 1970s and early 1980s watching Big Blue gradually transform themselves into a smash mouth power.  I endured brutal seasons as a youngster, then transitioned into a teen under Ray Perkins.  I grew into my own under the George Young/Bill Parcells regime.

But, by the time 1986 rolled around, I had already traded in my civilian status for a gig with Uncle Sam's service.  I actually watched the Super Bowl from Texas accompanied by me and myself.  And don't ask me how I pulled it off either.  You try doing that as the lone New Yorker in what was essentially a three story frat house.  The Pigskin gods were obviously with me during those playoffs and Super Bowl.  I went undisturbed, and free to bask in my somewhat ponderous glory (...of all years).

The Rose Bowl was beautiful...

Denver held a 10-9 lead at half-time, and you're damn right I was worried.  That's what Giants fans did back then.  Although the Giants dominated their regular season opponents, this was still something entirely new to us.

Plus, we were playing John Elway, whom gave the Broncos a 10-7 lead in the first quarter with a 4-yard TD scramble.

The Giants, however, inevitably imposed their will over Denver, outscoring them 30-10 in the second half.  The long maligned Phil Simms set Super Bowl records for completion rate and quarterback rating.  He went 22/25 for 268 yards and three touchdowns en route to winning MVP honors.  He also contributed 25 rushing yards towards the Giants overall 136 yards on the ground.  

The Giants gained 399 total combined yards against the Broncos defense led by linebacker Tom Jackson, and new partner Karl Mecklenburg.

The game aside, my favorite part of that Super Bowl was listening to Don Criqui call the action...

"as Mark Bavaro genuflects in prayer..."

This will always be the sweetest of the Giants four Super Bowls for me.  But, I chose that word carefully, as I have other ways of characterizing their other three Lombardi Trophy winners.

Then New York City Mayor, Edward Koch, refused to host a victory parade down Broadway for the Giants, citing they played in New Jersey.  He was a good mayor, and a necessary type at that time in the city's history.  But he became so petty regarding the matter.

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