Saturday, January 09, 2016

PIGSKIN 2015: Wild Card Weekend




Chiefs -3 (TEXANS)
I'll like the Chiefs' defense as a starter.  Then I'll take Alex Smith's experience and steadiness over that of Brian Hoyer's any day.  The Texans might sack Smith, often, but won't be able to prevent points.  Houston will look one dimensional.  Thank you very much.
WIN; 30-0 Chiefs

Steelers -3 (BENGALS)
Third meeting of the season for them.  This is going to be intense.  Can Big Ben overcome a compromised running game and a sketchy defense?  I've seen Big Ben do it before.  Can the Bengals overcome the loss of Andy Dalton?  I don't think so - and therein lies the difference.  If you're one for trends, the Bengals tend to do their worst work in big games at home.  But, hey, if you think this game will come down to a last minute field goal, then go with the Cats.  Good luck with that.
Loss; 18-16 Steelers


Seahawks -5 (VIKINGS)
Whether by arm or by legs, Russell Wilson will see the Seahawks through.  If the Vikings allow him to run, the Seahawks cover easy.  If the Vikes stack the box, Wilson will exploit them outside.  If the Vikes play it straight, Marshawn Lynch becomes a factor.  In other words, the Vikes are going to get out-coached (among other things).  The Minnesota Vikings WERE a nice story.
Loss; 10-9 Seahawks

Packers -1 (D.C. HOGS)
The Packers are in a funk.  And I think there's a certain head coach whom senses his job in jeopardy should the Hogs win.  On a personal measure, Aaron Rogers is performing at an all-time pedestrian level.  That said, those Hogs can play respectable defense, and after finishing the season winning 4 straight, just might be catching the Packers at an opportune time.  You know what they say - any given Sunday.  But, we owe it to ourselves to pick Green Bay, don't we?  Green Bay has a good pass rush, right?  I mean, get to Kirk Cousins and the Packers win, right?  Right?  
Did I mention Kirk Cousins?
WIN; 35-18 Packers

All the home teams will lose!

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