Thursday, March 20, 2014

N.Y. Knicks: Team Shows Energy In Front Of The New Boss

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NEW YORK KNICKS: Who Were Those Guys Last Night?

Phil Jackson was in attendance at the Knicks 92-86 victory over the top seeded Indiana Pacers at the Garden - his new office.  To see the Knicks in action, even an untrained observer might have thought a new sheriff was in town, and was there putting the Knicks on notice.

The Knicks displayed a spirited defensive effort Wednesday night, and moved the ball marvelously to the open man, just as Phil Jackson said he wanted from his players, from this moment forward.

Did they play like that for Coach Woodson, or for themselves?  Do you think Steve Mills would have inspired such an effort with his mere presence?

The Knicks played like they were no longer apathetic to a non-existent structure.  Players can turn that sort of thing on and off like a switch.  With Phil Jackson, they know he means business, and that the easy life will be ending.  These guys actually have to prove their worth now.  Funny how they displayed and played with a lot of movement.

The Knicks only shot 39% against the Pacers.  That goes to show what defense can accomplish. Of course, it also helps when Carmelo Anthony clocks in 43 minutes and scores 34 points.  He led the floor on both counts.  How about this one - Melo had five assists too!

At the end of the night, this was still a good win over the Pacers.  It may not help their season, but it will make deciding who stays and who goes, a little more complicated.  They should keep it up.


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