Sunday, March 10, 2013

N.Y. Rangers: Blueshirts Veto Ovechkin and the Capitals


NEW YORK RANGERS - Tenth Point In Last Six Games.

Ottawa is a real pain in the ass, aren't they?  And by the way, I am officially no longer impressed whenever we beat Washington.  I'm not taking anything away from Sunday's win.  But that Ovechkin guy just doesn't get it.

Speaking of Ottawa, did you see the way Chris Phillips went after Michael Haley, after the Rangers neophyte wiped out Jim O'Brien near the crease?  That's the way you protect team mates.  Not the pansy crap the Rangers pull.  Phillips went right at Haley without hesitation.  I'm just saying.  In light of the boarding hits we've been sustaining, that's the way it's done.

Brad Richards has two goals in the last two games, and Marian Gaborik scored once against the Islanders. That's one way to temporarily silence the critics.

The Rangers have ten points in their last six games.  With twenty-eight points overall, they have now climbed into second place of the Atlantic Division, one point better than the Devils.  They have also upgraded to the seventh seed of the Eastern Conference.  The Rangers are back in the mix fellas.

They are currently six points behind Pittsbugh for the division lead.  They have a chance to pick up four points against the Sabres and Jets before they visit the Penguins in a week.  With any luck, the Penguins do not pick up too many before then.


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