Friday, July 27, 2012

N.Y. Yankees ~ Ichiro; The Wizard Comes Home

From the desk of:   BLAME CARLOS MAY

New York YANKEES:  Ichiro Suzuki Finally Debuts in The Bronx.

The first thing that comes to mind is, can the Yankees retain Ichiro long enough, and can he play well enough for a few more years, in order for him to get his 3.000th major league hit in a Yankees uniform?  He is 464 away and seems a cinch to achieve the feat.  The only real question is where will he do it?

For now, he gets to partake in Yankees~Red Sox.  I'm sure once tonight's game is through, Ichiro will be describing the differences between this game, and most other games he's played in.  Too bad he's getting short changed though.  For the moment, the Rivalry isn't what it could be.  The Red Sox haven't exactly played up to snuff this season.  As far as the A.L. East is concerned, Boston is a last place club.  Not good by any stretch, they are just a game under the .500 mark.  That's something that probably no one saw coming.  But once Bobby-V donned his Sox for the first time in Spring, even Sweet Caroline was copping an attitude.  Then incredulously; at least to me; Boston traded Kevin Youkilis away to Kenny Williams and the ChiSox.  That was all Bobby Valentine folks.  Trust me on that one.  Take it from a Mets fan.

Change is upon the Red Sox.  And in most cases, popular players do not exit the Sawx on the greatest terms.  The Lansdowne Street Pilgrims maintain a system of casting players out of the colony when you're on the verge on no longer serving the greater good.  Nomar Garciapara, Pedro Martinez, Johnny Damon, Manny Ramirez, Jonathan Papelbon, Derek Lowe, (etc.) and Kevin Youkilis were all effectively, and unceremoniously, given their walking papers in one form or another.  Big Papi is next.  Everyone knows it.  And earlier in the season, he didn't exactly have good things to say over their treatment of him.  To be quite honest, I'm actually surprised he is still on the team; albeit on a one year deal.  If you're a big fan of his, take a good look this weekend, because after this season, David Ortiz be gone too.  But hopefully not before the notorious Yankees' killer unleashes some destruction against Bombers' pitching this weekend.

Make no mistake though, there's been a new sheriff in Boston for almost four full months now.  Changes to the Beer and Chicken Gang, and for the last playing member of The Idiots have only just begun.

The Yankees are tied with the Washington Nationals for the best record in Baseball.  Otherwise, I could could care less about what they are doing right now.  Maybe during this series, I'll actually deal with the Yankees in a fair manner.  No promises though.



161st Street and River Avenue
Bronx, New York City


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