Thursday, July 15, 2010

Left Coast METrospection

Jose Reyes was a late scratch for tonight's game; again.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I just can't help but pick on the Met's medical staff again.  What did they detect today that they or Reyes didn't speak of before tonight's game?  If he indeed hurt himself in San Juan versus the Marlins like the story goes, he would be coming of the disabled list right about now, healthy from his oblique problem.  Problem?  Yes there's a problem.  It seems this is the same chasing the tail of the dog diagnosing that's been a real problem for this team for three years now.  Is the guy hurt or isn't he?  Does he need medical attention or surgery or doesn't he?  Does he need to be DL'd or doesn't he?  What has changed about injuries that the Mets' staff is so confused about?

Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, Ryan Church, John Maine, Johan Santana...just to start, have all received indecisive, questionable, vague and sometimes plain wrong diagnosis in the recent past.

Ah yes...Carlos Beltran; He's back.  He makes his first appearance and start of the 2010 season tonight in San Francisco.  Met fans haven't seen this guy since forever, it seems.  Will he serve as the biggest positional player "acquisition" by a NL team so far this season?  Do stories like that usually turn out well for Met fans?  Hmmm.  I have made my opinions about Beltran and his return known.  Now that he's back I'll just watch how it plays itself out.  What I know is this; Angel Pagan must play every day.  Figure that out Jerry.  That's your job.  Make it happen.

Someone tell Luis Castillo not to rush getting back.

Met fans want a pitcher, myself included.  I'm only asking at what price?  I preferred to wait and try to buy Lee in the winter in order to keep Thole, Niese, F-Mart, Dylan Owen, Dillon Gee, Mejia, Havens, Malo and some others.  I guess I got what I wanted thanks to Texas.  I still feel that way about any Oswalt deal or Lilly for that matter.  The more I think about it, the more I want our kids to take over this club.  My boy Josh Thole is making another start tonight.

I know we are close.  I know we need a pitcher.  I know.  It's just that I have a vision for this club and I'm glued to it.  I know this team is on the precipice.  That's why I want to do this right!  This is the Wilpons we're talking about.

I know there's a limited amount of wins in Dickey's arm.  We've gotten lucky in our 4 and 5 spot in the rotation.

If you're old enough...think 1984.  That's where I am.  That's where I see this team in 2011.  There's just 4 or 5 more players we need off the books for my vision to gain even more focus.

What are we willing to give up for Oswalt's services; or Haren?  Maybe as a Mets fan it's better for you that I'm not in charge.  I'm not willing to give up a whole lot.  I also have zero interest in Lilly.  Does this wreak of my dumping on 2010?  I would say no even though I realize it looks that way.  I'm thinking emotionally.  I admit it.  What I want and what's good (or not) for the Mets is possibly in conflict in my current thinking.

I just hope the Wilpons realize what they have right now.  I just hope they don't blow it.  They can do that in a number of different ways.  And I think that's what we're all afraid of.


....just as I was about to publish, Carlos Beltran tried stealing second after a clean single.  He was thrown out by the way with a PEA; a laser from Giants' catcher Posey.  I am only asking WHY?  Why push it in your first game back when as recently as a week ago you were still limping?  Ponderous.

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