Friday, March 19, 2010

NYM should sign JOBU to a Long Term Deal

The on-going crime scene investigation better known as Met's Spring Training continues to baffle...(obligatory cheap shot of the day).

METrospection has been in therapy working on his avoidance, displacement and denial issues regarding his Flushing Frustrations.  Going on and on about how miserably bad the Mets organization and operations are being run is an exercise in insanity.  That is why it appears, for a Mets blog, I seem to post infrequently about the Metropolitans.  There is no new dynamic to work with.  I just can not waist my time on a daily basis, nor will I waist your time with incessant Met rants.  Sometimes it's fun.  Sometimes it's not.  Whenever I do entertain my Met thoughts, be sure about this folks, I'm usually right.  I don't take myself too seriously in this blog, but as it regards the Mets I laugh and joke, but I don't play.

Back in December 2009, this young Blog posted a warning to the Mets and Met fans regarding Fernando Martinez.  He became a forgotten prospect and I warned Met fans not to forget about him.
Since that posting, Fernando Martinez went on to have a very good Winter League season and crowned it with a Caribbean Series MVP award.  This spring he is batting over .500 and is still only 21 years old.  Of course I know not to read too much into that stat.  But if the kid is winning the day, give the kid a shot.  Of course I know because of his Winter League he's ahead of pitchers this spring.  I get all that.  While it may be true he appeared overwhelmed at times last year, I warned Met fans none-the-less not to forget him.  If you read the linked post, you see I pretty much expected to loose Beltran to injury and my concerns about what type of outfielder is needed to roam the spacious CitiField outfield.  Yea, I'm tooting my own horn but trust me, it's not an enviable postion to be in.  He's no Jim Edmonds in the outfield but the upside is there.

As it relates to today, - Gary Matthews Jr.?  Stop it or save it.  I'm not listening to that.  Pagan or Martinez; let them battle for the job in Beltran's absence.  I believe in prospects and am usually patient with them.  Playing time = improvement.  Make sure Fernando Martinez in the mix come Opening Day and he'll be OK and make the Mets look smart.  Lord knows they need it right now.

Beltran? (See referenced therapy)  He and the Mets are staring at an ugly divorce when he gets healthy and it will be instigated by Carlos himself; the same player who asked the Yankees to sign him for less money than the Mets offered him.
I like Beltran, so don't get the wrong impression.  I just think it is what it is.  I'd entertain a trade involving Beltran for the right package this season.  I'm not lobbying for it though.  He is one of the few free agent signings, as they go, who had his better seasons and career year after signing his pact.  That's just to let you know where I stand.

And now Oliver Perez.
Pictures tell a thousand words (or however that saying goes).  The NY Daily News had some pics that show exactly what Ollie is doing wrong.  I know it's a little audacious of me to question why Rick Peterson, Dan Warthen or even Sandy Koufax, who spent time in Met Camp did/do not correct this very simple and obvious flaw with Perez' delivery.  I'm not trying to over simplify this considering
Sandy Koufax offered some advice.

If you know anything about pitching you know your landing foot has to be perpendicular to your catcher.  Oliver Perez' landing foot is like lightning in that it doesn't strike the same ground twice.  But you can be sure his foot will land in a closed angle and not opened up to the catcher and home plate.  When you land that way be prepared to have a miserable outing Ollie.  Why can't anyone see this?  It's not overstating the problem.  It's bad mechanics, no one will correct it and I have no clue why?  That's not in depth analysis on my part.  That's Pitching 101.

Forget the headline, look at his landing foot.
This is the genesis of a bad pitch.

In other Met Matters:

Ike Davis, 1B, son of Ron Davis, Yankee pitcher from back in the day, continues to have an impressive spring.  Righty Henrry Mejia is sparkling and catching everyone's eye.  And that concludes the good news.

 John Maine said "he just wasn't into it" when he described his last outing.
Really?  That's a pretty non-chalant attitude for someone who has a lot to prove.

Kelvim Escobar can't lift his arm to pick his nose.

Reyes' thyroid?  See Therapy Sessions.

I'm placing the over/under on K-Rod's Dead Arm at August 15th.  I just think The Classic, followed by the 2009 season, then Winter League and no discernable break between them will come back to haunt him and the Mets.

I've been on record saying you could have saved me Barajas at catcher. 
I would have given the job to Thole outright.

What ever happened to Nick Evans?

My starting pitching still looks like:
Pray for Rain instead of Maine
and Who? (not the first baseman)

If the Mets are stumblin and bumblin their way into June, Omar Minaya & Jerry Manuel are toast.

Basically, not a lot has changed in Metropolis that screams for my attention.
There is a lot of Bad Karma over at CitiField; Business as usual.
Can you see my dilemma? 
To talk about the Mets is a strainingly garulous conversation even for the sublime.
If only Buster Olney could invent an absurd rumor for my team.

Every Met could use a JOBU in their locker this year.
Anyone have Pedro Cerrano's cellie?
to see the clip on you tube

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