Wednesday, November 11, 2015

N.Y. Jets: Unrepentant Rex Ryan Returns to the Green Apple Swinging

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Thursday Night Football Edition

Review Season Results
Week Nine Record:  4-7
Overall Record:  60-46-3
Schmear of the Week:  5-4
Bagels in the Basket:  +14

Buffalo Bills
New York Jets
House of Snoopy

JETS -3 (Bills)
I'm siding with discipline over dysfunction.
I think the game will devolve into a defensive struggle.
It's worth noting Nick Folk has been lost for the season.
Otherwise, there's been much about this game that smells push.

New York Jets: Rex Ryan Pulls No Punches in Return to Big Green Apple.

First it was a punch to Geno Smith's jaw.  Now Geno gets a slap to the face.

Like a bull through a fine china shop, D-Generation Rex is back, and he's unrepentant as ever!

The NFL's most notorious foot connoisseur named Ik Enemkpali a captain for this Sunday's Jets/Bills showdown at the House of Snoopy - the same Ik whom broke Geno Smith's jaw.

Only Rex...

This will be Buddy Ryan's offspring's first game back to the House of Snoopy since getting unceremoniously getting canned as Jets coach after posting a 4-12 record last season.  On that note, I would argue former Jets GM John Idzik did Rex no favors over his final two seasons as coach.

In the process, the players lost a very popular and powerful motivator, and the only coach to ever guide the organization to two straight AFC championship games.

Rex Ryan is no doubt a defensive whiz.  That said, he makes a better pack leader than head coach.
He seems to thrive in a locker room stylized after Delta House.  And I'm one who believes you can't always give players what they want.

Personality wise, Todd Bowles couldn't be any more different.  He is no defensive slouch himself, and perhaps is a more complete coach as well.  The atmosphere around the Hangar has certainly been more workmanlike and composed since his arrival.

While this particular game is not as dire as I'm about to make it sound (yes it is) this is nevertheless one of those games where the Bills seemingly have everything to gain, while the Jets have everything to lose.  The Jets are 5-3 this season, while the Bills enter Thursday's game with a 4-4 record.  Both teams have gone 2-2 over their last four, while the Patriots remain undefeated.

In other words, unless something earth shattering radically shuffles the AFC East standings, both the Jets and Bills should start focusing on the Wild Cards, which in turn makes this game of paramount importance.

A victory would put the Jets in the driver's seat.

In the mean time, both teams would still need to outplay the Steelers and Raiders, and whomever else sneaks into the AFC playoff picture.

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