Sunday, November 16, 2014

N.Y. Giants: There's More Chatter Because Games Are Failing To Matter

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The 2014 Giants are ill prepared to play their part in this great rivalry.

San Francisco 49ers
Giants Stadium

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: A victory over the 49ers is always pleasing to Giants fans.  At least we'll have that to root for.

The Giants have been engaged in a month long battle against defeatism, and appropriately enter today's game with a slim-to-none chance of reviving their season.

They are losers of four straight, and are tied with the D.C. Hogs for last in the NFC East.  They've scored the least amount of points within their division, and have allowed the most.

The 49ers are perhaps more desperate for a win,  For them, the Cardinals remain in their sights, and now with the loss of Carson Palmer I'm sure there will be a renewed Niners effort to play more consistent football.

Both the Giants and 49ers have struggled equally on offense this season to the tune of 195 points (21.6 ppg) in nine games.  It's on defense where the 49ers hold a distinct advantage heading into Sunday, by their own merit, and because the Giants remain handicapped by Perry Fewell.

He has made a mockery of Big Blue's long tradition for playing defense.  These days, they play like Smurfs.

With no pass rush to speak of, Fewell still refuses to blitz.  And so an already confused secondary is   made to look like Keystone Cops for having to maintain lengthy coverage, and thus making superstars of nondescript receivers.

Of course, it gets worse.  If Fewell is committed to pass rushing solely with the front four, then how the hell does one explain the Giants ranking dead last in the NFL against the run?  Look no further than the Giants linebackers.  In the second half of last week's game, they looked like they wanted no part of the Seahawks.

This week, however, the defensive coordinator promised better results.


When guilty participants additionally have to pledge support for their beleaguered defensive coordinator, and key players such as (free agent to be) Jason Pierre-Paul start speaking apathetically about their future with the Giants, you know things are going awry in the land of Giants.

Simply put, there's increasing chatter because more and more, games are failing to matter.

Tom Coughlin deserves his share of blame as well, for his own diminished performance.

When he assumed control of the Giants, he did so in a loud, abrupt, disciplinary manner.  In his opening presser he denounced penalties and injuries as evil.  Today, the Giants have devolved into the team he took over long ago, with nary an angry word or grunt from the head coach.

A Giants victory this afternoon would only improve their record to 4-6, with 6 games remaining.   Two of those are against the Cowboys and Eagles.

Sandwiched between those two games are four potential soft spots in the schedule:

  • Jaguars (1-9)
  • Titans (2-7)
  • D.C. Hogs (3-6) 
  • Rams (3-6)
At best, the Giants can accomplish too little, too late, just like last season.

I guess they better get busy then...


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