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N.Y. Knicks: It's Melo Versus The World

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NEW YORK KNICKS: Carmelo Anthony's Dubious Triple Crown Season Continues In Washington.

You know what I got out of James Dolan's interview with Mike Vaccaro?  Dolan is obsessed with Mikhail Prokhorov, and every little move he makes.  Jimmy said he's more patient than his counterpart.  Okay, but what about being more petulant or fretful?  News flash - he's got Prokhorov beat there too.  This is a man who maintains a Garden media policy, which is above all paranoid, and in practice resembles something akin to marshal law.

  • On bringing Isiah Thomas back - "I couldn't do that to him, and I couldn't do that to the organization."  Fine, but what about the fans Jimmy?

He round about blamed the media for preventing any future chances of Zeke making a successful return.  But never once did he mention the fans as a consideration.  Instead, the fans are going to get a revamped Knicks City Dancers squad...., soon, and with a slightly different job description.  Yippee.

The Knicks are coming off their most disheartening loss of the season.  I'm sure Iman Shumpert wants back on the floor, after committing a glancing, but costly foul against Indiana's George Hill.

On a team that ranks 28th in rebounds, Carmelo Anthony can not continue leading the team with 9.5 boards per game.  I guess he can, but the guy desperately needs more help.  Of course, that was Tyson Chandler's department, but the next closest Knick, Andrea Bargnani (5.0) isn't even close, or representative.  And with no Ray Felton on the floor, there is additionally no ball distribution.  You guessed it - Carmelo leads the team with 2.8 assists when Felton is out.

I'm not one for defending Melo Ball much, but with the substantial load he's being asked to carry, one can only look through the losing, and admire the performances he's put in.


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