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New York Giants: Injuries Causing Problems At Right Tackle

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NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: Offensive Line Depth Is Suddenly A Big Problem.

Hello again folks.  My post-Hurricane Sandy schedule is finally starting to loosen up.  So allow me a post or two in order to re-establish a flow.  The last time I posted anything about the Giants was just prior to the Bengals game.  Obviously many things have transpired between now and then.  And aside from the Packers game, I'm kind of glad I was unable to watch the other contests, although the radio did a fine job of raising my blood pressure all the same.  I'm not going to waste time rehashing stuff.  Let's just move this along..., shall we?

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The Giants now have a huge problem at Right Tackle.  Sean Locklear will be out for the rest of the season with an injured knee suffered Monday night against the Redskins.  He didn't exactly have his best game Monday.  In fact, it was probably his worst game.  But he was having a fine season substituting for David Diehl.  And therein lies the rub.  Most recently, Diehl has been sidelined by a stinger to his neck and shoulder.
Sean Locklear has done his part to improve the Giants running game somewhat over last season.   And his pass protection has been stellar.  The nine year pro definitely provided a noticeable difference on the right side this year.  David Diehl should be able to finish out the season.  But moving forward, the Giants' offensive line depth will be severely tested.  Second year Jim Cordle is more of an interior lineman.  That leaves second year Tackle James Brewer next on the pecking order.  Remember Mitch Petrus?  Well, Coach Coughlin would rather not.  He never found favor with Mitch.  But the Giants could use him right about now.
It is becoming more evident by the week, this may very well be David Diehl's last season.  His performance has not been up to normal David Diehl standards these last two seasons.  I have a strong sense Jerry Reese will make replacing Diehl an off season priority.  David Diehl will then join Shaun O'Hara, Rich Seubert, and Kareem McKenzie as former Giants.  That would leave Chris Snee as the lone remaining member of the Giants former record setting offensive line.
Redskins 17
I'm not going to get bent all out of shape over Monday night's loss.  There is no doubt the offense has red-zone issues.  But you still have to like the way the Giants can move the ball.  Even though it has been a season long issue, going from three point to six point drives I feel is only an adjustment or two away.
The Giants only surrendered seventeen points, and six of those came on RGIII's freak TD fumble.  Big Blue also drew penalties at an uncharacteristically high rate, and at the worst possible times. Then quite obviously, if Lawrence Tynes nails that field goal, the Giants win.  So I take the loss in stride.

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