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New York Giants: Is Offensive Line Better Without David Diehl?

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Big Blue Has A Giant Decision To Make On Offensive Line.
This Is A Good Week To Let David Wilson Be The Feature Back.
Kevin Gilbride Versus Redskins - Bombs Away?
Mission: Take Advantage Of Back-To-Back Division Games!

While Big Blue sports an overall 4-2 record this season, they are 0-2 within the division.  The Giants will have to wait for later in the season to square up with Philly.  Next week, they'll get their chance to even up against the Cowboys in Dallas.  First, there is the matter of RG3 and the Redskins.  If you do not remember, Washington swept the Giants last year and damn nearly pulled the rug out from under their season.  This year, the Redskins along with Philly both sport 3-3 records.  The Giants can either win this week and next, and by virtue of righting some wrongs, take a mid-season strangle hold on the division.  Or, they can lose to the Skins again, and make things very complicated for themselves.  For if you're a Giants fan, you know success makes the team break out in a rash.  For what ever reason, they do not handle prosperity very well.  Making things difficult has become a way of life around here.

The biggest question I have heading into Sunday is not how the Giants plan on stopping RG3.  Instead, I'm curious to see if Kevin Gilbride will open the game with hey makers down field, or try and establish the run early.  Based on the last few games, the running game has been working very well behind good blocking by the offensive line.  Last week for the first time this season, the Giants ran the ball more times than Eli passed.  It would stand to reason Coach Gilbride would continue letting his offensive line build confidence and momentum.

This is precisely why I think Kevin Gilbride is going deep, and going deep often.  Based on the division scenario described above, and because the Giants did indeed lose twice to Washington last season, and because Kevin Gilbride smells win number five like blood in the water, he will be going for the kill early.  Quick points and an early lead means the defensive line can then tee-off on RG3 and all that stuff he does.  Then, the Giants can turn to the run and play ball possession.  Those would be two ways to minimize Washington's offense.  Coach Fewell can take care of the rest.

Of course, I could be wrong.

There is no question Ahmad Bradshaw is tough, and plays hurt.  He's had bad feet for years.  Ahmad did not practice Friday, and is listed as questionable for Sunday, which means he will most likely play.  But perhaps David Wilson should finally get a majority of snaps this week, not necessarily because Bradshaw is a little banged up, but because Wilson has worked hard to earn a shot. And then, yea, Ahmad could use the break.  Besides, Wilson's type of speed may be just what the doctor ordered against Washington.  Forget what he has done on kick returns.  Since his infamous fumble in Week One, David Wilson is averaging over five yards per carry rushing the ball.  In the last two weeks he has gained seventy nine yards on seven carries.

Can it be the offensive line is better without David Diehl?  I'm not trying to slight him or anything.  Consider the Giants allowed three sacks to (Dallas) Demarcus Ware in Week One, David Diehl went down in Week Two, they allowed two more sacks against Carolina in Week Three, then nothing since.  In Week One, the Giants rushed for eighty two yards.  In Week Two, they rushed for ninety six yards.  After David Diehl went down, the Giants broke 100 yards rushing three times, highlighted by Ahmad Bradshaw's 200 yard day against the Browns.  In the last four games, the Giants have racked up 572 yards rushing.  From left to right, Will Beatty, Kevin Boothe, David Baas, Chris Snee, and Sean Locklear have flat out been getting the job done.  David Diehl does not appear to be resuming his starting role this week.  He only saw light action against the Niners.  But when he is healthy enough to start again, Big Blue has a Giant decision to make.


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