Monday, July 30, 2012

N.Y. Giants ~ ACL Fails Terrell Thomas a Third Time

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NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL:  Down Goes Terrell Thomas..., Again!  Same ACL an Issue for 3rd Time in Career.

Right on cue, here's the drama Jerry Reese was looking for out of Giants Camp, for injury has reared its ugly head again in the most familiar of places; Terrell Thomas' lower extremity.  Please say it isn't so!

Terrell Thomas hurt his ACL once again.  What a Big Blue blow to the Secondary, and to Thomas' career.  After missing all of last season, there wasn't a Giants fan alive who wasn't excited to see him back on the practice field this summer.  Now, for the second pre-season in a row, everyone in attendance watched him walk off it.  For the second consecutive time, he will not be available for Opening Day.

Surgery may, or may not be required.  That is still yet to be determined.  But he will not be playing; or at a minimum playing effectively for the Giants defense; any time soon.  This now makes three times he injured the same ACL.  And depending on the still unknown extent and severity of the injury, he may not come back from this one.  The odds are not in his favor considering his history of recurrences.

This also really throws a monkey wrench into the whole Aaron Ross to Jacksonville thing.  Prince Amukamara must now put his own injury history behind him, and step-up big time for the Giants this season.

....And Camp has only just begun.


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