Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BKN Nets ~ Billy King and the "Deals of Flatbush"

From the desk of:   THE HOOPS OF FLATBUSH

BROOKLYN NETS:  Mikhail Prokhorov's Rubles and Rubles of Reasons the Nets Mean Business.

The potential trade to bring Dwight Howard to Brooklyn is fast becoming a monster.  But with every day that passes, it looks more and more like the Magic are getting desperate to get this deal done.  But who will jump in bed with the Nets and Magic in this trade?  Will it be a threesome?  A Foursome?  Sounds salacious.  And we will soon find out.  But damn, is it going to be costly!

Of course I still have issue with all of this.  While Billy King is no doubt on the verge of building a well configured power house of starting players, his giving away of draft picks like candy-corns, and taking on onerous contracts in return, and effectively obliterating the Nets' salary cap is making me wince in great pain.  Salary Cap Hell can be eternal if not careful.  But even I can not deny Billy King is contributing greatly to the heat wave gripping the city this summer.  As GM's go, he's been on fire.  But these acts may cripple the Nets one day.  But who cares about such things as the future anymore, right?

And apparently, not even the supposedly prohibitive dollar for dollar luxury tax will stand in Mikhail Prokhorov's way of building up Brooklyn's basketball team.  The Magic no doubt want to dump an additional ridiculous contract on us.  Then how much will it take to get Brook Lopez' and Kris Humphries' signature on a deal so as to facilitate a sign and trade, or even just to retain them?  And then there's Howard's potential max money to consider.  The answer to all that is rapidly becoming - Who cares!  Prokhorov is the richest owner in the league.  We're talking about gas money for his helicopter.

For now, it's fun to consider Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Dwight, Howard, and Gerald Wallace all on a court at the same time.  That would be a fine way to kick off NBA Basketball in Brooklyn indeed.


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