Monday, January 02, 2012

BKN Aviators ~ Fixing Cracks in the Ice


BROOKLYN AVIATORS:  Beware!  Coach Miller is Watching.

Look what the New Jersey Outlaws did to us...again!  New Jesery has only lost three times all season, and the Aviators quite literally did little to change that.  We are now 0-6 versus the cross-harbor bad guys.  And in those games Brooklyn has been out-gunned 34-16, largely based on the branding they put upon us last weekend at the Outlaw's Jersey hideout.

Thursday's game was bad, and Friday's game got worse.

Casey Mignone's two third period goals weren't enough to undo the damage from the first two periods of Thursday's game.  The first period went fairly enough.  Former Aviator; John Goffredo; scored a mere :41 seconds into the game for New Jersey.  From then on Brooklyn would never lead nor tie at any time over these two games.  Half way through the period, the Outlaws scored again for a 2-0 lead.  But Brooklyn had an answer for that one.  Jordan Bernier scored a power play goal at the 14:27 mark, to bring the A's within a goal again.

However, New Jersey poured it on in the second period with two more goals against Brooklyn goalie Josselin St. Pierre.  Then in the third period, New Jersey answered Casey Mignone's two goals with two from Brett Liscomb making the final score 6-3 Outlaws.

Friday night?  Let's just say after Thursday's night loss, Peter Dundovich made the start in goal for Brooklyn.  And let's just say Josselin St. Pierre still had to enter the game in the third period in relief of Dundovich.  In the first period, New Jersey took fifteen shots against Dundovich.  Two got by for a 2-0 lead.  In the second period, New Jersey took nineteen shots against Dundovich.  Four more got by for a 6-0 New Jersey lead.  Coach Miller then turned to Josselin St. Pierre to stop the bleeding.  New Jersey then took seventeen third period shots against him.  Two more goals found net to make this game an 8-0 final.

No; there was no Brooklyn offense to speak of.  This was perhaps their worst defeat of the season.  Their previous low might have been their 8-2 loss in Cape Cod back on November 22nd.  But clearly getting shut-out 8-0 by the top team in the league qualifies as the worst.

Whether because Coach Miller most certainly had something to say regarding the last two games, and the previous night's game in particular, or, whether the Aviator skaters realized they just may have cost their goalie his starting job, - which ever the case A) - signed back on December 31st; new Brooklyn goalie Jeff Rose made his first start in net.  And B) - the Aviators responded to a message apparently received loud and clear, and scored six first period goals against the Cape Cod Blue Fins on Saturday night back in The Hangar.  The final score of that game was 7-3 A's.

With the win, Brooklyn may have salvaged an otherwise disastrous weekend against the League's top team.  But more importantly, some Aviator players might start thinking about what it takes to keep an A's jersey on their back in Coach Miller's eyes.



  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Coach Miller should have never traded Pun's and Go Go. That was the worst mistake of his life in trying to make the team better he just made it worse. So many X's on your roster. Whats the old saying.. "IF IT AN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT"

  2. Can't say that I really disagree.


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