Wednesday, January 12, 2011

N.Y.JETS ~ Rex's Plan Calls For Brute Force & Ignorance

NEW YORK JETS:  Will The Real J-E-T-S Please Stand Up?!


COACH BLUTARSKY can actually win using brute force and ignorance.  It's Brilliant!

MINUS - The Jets almost lost that game to the Colts as a result of two critical Offensive Three-and-Outs in the fourth quarter.  If they had secured one first-down prior to getting a "gift" Roughing The Kicker penalty, or one first-down on the new set of downs directly following the Roughing The Kicker penalty, an exchange of last second field goals would never have been necessary.

PLUS - The Jets can look back and be proud of two sustained, clock controlling second half drives that utilized the run, ending in LaDainian Tomlinson touchdowns as being key reasons why they were in a position to win the game.  They utilized a team strength and ran the ball behind the blocking of a strong Offensive Line and the running of LT and Shonn Greene to keep Peyton Manning off the field, the ball out of his hands, and the score manageable.

PLUS - The Jets hosted the Patriots back in Week 2 and beat Tom Brady and
his crew 28-14.  The Jets got pressure on Brady and intercepted him.

MINUS - The Jets went to Foxborough to play the Patriots in Week 13
and got destroyed 45-3.

You get my drift right?  Which ever way you spin this, you're left with the same quandary;
Will the real Gang Green please stand up?!

I don't think you can ever forget the 45-3 thrashing up in Foxborough if you're the Jets, the Coach, or a fan; certainly not in 2010-2011.  For the rest of "our" lives, the Media will always refer to that game, like any other, when they want to prove a point.  You can still put it out of your mind though, or focus on something else.  Living in the moment helps, and having selective memory can be huge.

But what do you say we try using this; PERSPECTIVE..?  Or what do you say we try and gain some back..Hmm?

These teams are 2-2 against each other over the last two seasons.  The last game is freshest in our minds.  That's it.  What we really have is four games of Brady; Belichick; Sanchez; and REX all together.  Therefore, four games is much more representative of this match-up than one blow-out is.

Let's face it, Coach Rex made a huge mistake last game when he tried to fool Coach Belichick by going with a No-Huddle Offense to start the game.  You don't do that to Belichick.  He can see that coming with his eyes shut.  Rex knows he blew it.  He said his whole plan was flawed and didn't realize it till too late.  We are going to assume the Jets have learned from that.  That was just a game where the Jets got behind too early and by too many points.  Everything after that is a deluge while the other guys own the high ground.  That's why games like that ARE forgettable.

The first half against the Colts was forgettable also.  That's why REX's 2nd half epiphany was not only timely, it was long over-due!  But luckily, it happened just in time to face the Patriots.  Rex finally listened to the voices in his head rather listening to himself talk, long enough to understand his Offensive Line was not only capable of pushing the Colts' Defensive front around, but that it can push New England's Front around too.

Why did it finally hit Coach Rex during half-time of the Colts game?  ...That the Jets should actually be Grounding and Pounding instead of just talking about it? 

ANSWER:  Fear trumped respect.  That's why.

I offer you TWO REASONS:
1) - Rex was just letting Coach Schottenheimer do his job.
2) - Rex finally got tired of letting Coach Schottenheimer do a bad job.

There's no doubt in my mind with thirty minutes left before the JET REXplosion was about to detonate, Coach took his destiny into his own hands and readjusted Coach Schottenheimer's thought process...if you get my drift.  I think from this moment forward, Coach Schottenheimer's discretion will be on a very sort leash.

The Patriots score points like Pinball Wizards.  The less time they spend on the field, the less points they'll score; naturally.  But if I were Rex, I'd steal a page right out of Coach Belichick's handbook.  Disguise the rush and send only two and three at a time.  Dare him to run the ball and with eight defenders back,  punish the receivers into painful submission.  That's what Belichick did to the Bills in SB-XXV.  Tom Brady isn't going anywhere.  He won't scramble much at all just like Jim Kelly didn't.  The Jets' pass rush hasn't been there for them this season.  So why not take out their anger on the next best thing; Brady's receivers.  That's what I'm thinking Rex.

At a minimum, Rex needs to make any and all crossing patterns end with an obscene collision.  Coach Belickick and Tom Brady attacked the Jets Defensive belly and couldn't take the body blow.  If the Jets can keep tabs on the slot receivers and tight-ends better than they did last time, they'll be OK. 

Coach Rex is fully in charge now.  Schotty is just along for the ride now.  He's not going to let Coach Schottenheimer tip-toe his way through this one.  Rex is just telling his guys to line up and see who's stronger.  That's a game plan that Coach Belichick may not even be able to out-coach.  What do you tell a Defensive Linemen when he's getting manhandled?

There-in lies the Jets chance against the Patriots this weekend; brute force and ignorance. 

Rex is tired of his Offensive players having to shift, break out protractors and T-squares to execute a Schotty designed play.  Rex just wants his guys to go out there and beat the man in front of you.

Brute force and ignorance;  Don't laugh.  It just might be brilliant.  Coach Blutarsky hasn't been through seven years of college for nothin' ya know.?!


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