Monday, November 08, 2010


Sandy Alderson, in short order has assembled a Front Office that should send shivers down the backs of National League Ball Clubs, Executives and Owners alike.  Fresh off hiring J.P. Ricciardi to be his right hand man, Sandy Alderson very recently secured the services of Paul DePodesta, now formally of the San Diego Padres, to be Over Lord of Minor League Operations.


All the Mets need to do is hire their manager and we'll be all set to Rule The Galaxy!!

Ahahaha.  AHAHAhaha.  AHHHhahahahaha!!!

But seriously, the transformation of the Mets' Front Office has been nothing short of remarkable.
Sandy Alderson not only has given this organization the blood transfusion it so desperately needed, he transplanted some vital organs along the way.  If you probe through the analogues of Front Office personnel employed by the Post-Payson Mets, you would have to look back to the days when Frank Cashen mentored Joe McIlvaine, Jerry Hunsicker and a young aspiring Steve Phillips, to find a plethora of Executive talent such as the Mets have assembled within the last handful of days.

Forever and a day it seemed, one of the more popular Met Fan mantras was the 'ol...
"A Fish Rots From The Head" - when speaking of Met upper management.

Well....Look now, because that old routine is rapidly getting smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror every day Sandy Alderson rules the road along Roosevelt Avenue over at Flushing By The Bay.

Somewhere in all our glee over this Autumn's developments, we should take a second, remember and thank the Wilpons, both Fred AND JEFF, for electing to take a radical departure from their past practices.

I personally thank them for finally going off campus and breaking the chain of in-house promotions, familiar hires and their insistence on maintaining their "self-described" collegial and family type business model.  I thank them for their delicate handling regarding fan concerns in an age when so many of us get trampled-on by the Corporate Monsters of life.

With the assemblage of this new Front Office, it is evidently clear the Wilpons are committed to delegating complete autonomy to Sandy Alderson and his structured business and Baseball model.  With the hiring of J.P. Ricciardi and Paul DePodesta, the media, fans, and foes alike, will be hard pressed to find an instance or reason to find issue with Jeff Wilpon and repeatedly tagging him as a meddler; me included.

The SAUL B. KATZ DILEMMA appears to have found it's remedy. 

To the Founders of the Feast!

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