Sunday, November 07, 2010

NYJ Week 9 ~ Sanchez Lands Jets Safely in O.T. Win

Super Bowl Talk Regurgitation Syndrome:

It happens every year right around the time we have to set our clocks back and right before the winter solstice approaches.  Precipitated by Jet Nation hyperbole,  pre-season media hype and Labor Day bar-b-ques, the cumulative effects of hyping up the Jets while chomping on Turkey Burgers, kielbasa, flank steaks and hot dogs all the while being washed down with a Coors-Light 24-pack, ultimately results in a chest burning pain accompanied by the up-chucked, nasty taste of re-digested proclamations and irresponsible Super Bowl Exclamations uttered in heightened states of frenzy, by the Gagged Green Faithful.

That's exactly what the Jets would have been listening to all week with a loss today.  A loss to Detoit would have been disastrous.  Coach would have been lambasted as the team would have been accused of suffering from Acid REXflux; Grid-Iron Gerd or lack of 'JETstro'-Intestinal Fortitude.

The flight to Detoit was a little bumpy but the Jets are in very good shape this evening.  Nothing was really lost last week as a result of today's win.  But to the Faithful Followers of the Green Team, lets try taking things one week at a time now.  That was almost another embarrassing post-game media session Coach REX was looking forward to.

Would someone remind Mark Sanchez he's a quarterback and that he's not auditioning for Dancing with the Stars?!  Look at him and look at his Happy Feet.  No quarterback is successful with footwork like that.  And that footwork is born of insecurity.  Right?  Right?  (See 4th Quarter).

For a second consecutive week, he was needed to carry his offense to victory, because that's what the game begged for as it played out.  Who knows what LT was thinking as he crossed the middle in the 4th quarter.  But that's the kind of thing that has been stymieing this offense.

Two turnovers leads to not enough possession time and 11 penalties called for 100 yards is a killer.

That's the way everyone was feeling when the score was 20-10 Detroit.  Be honest.

But Sanchez came on strong, and late, with a dandy pass to Dustin Keller with 3:00 minute left and then Mark ran it into the end-zone himself on a QB sneak to make the score 20-17 LIONS with 2:46 left.

With 1:54 the LIONS committed a terrible error in judgement, saving the JETS at least 30 seconds of game time with an incomplete pass on third down.  All they had to do was run the ball and the clock.  The Jets, with no timeouts got the ball back as a result of Detroit's awful decision.

At the Jet 45 yrd line, with no time-outs, Sanchez completed to LT over the middle, and had a flag tacked on to it.  That put the Jets at the Detroit 28 yrd line with 40 seconds left.  A draw play took them to the 20 yrd line with .20 seconds left.  They spiked the ball with four seconds left in the game.

Sanchez did well to bring them down the field.  LT made up for his daydream earlier and the Jets wound up tying the game on a field goal as time expired.  The game would go to Overtime tied 20-20.

The Jets received the kick-off to start Overtime and brought the ball back to the 32 yrd line where they would start their possession.

On the second play of Overtime,  Mark Sanchez hit Holmes over the middle for a gain of 52 yards highlighting a good second half of Football for him.

The Jets moved the ball further to the 13 yard line where they went straight for a 30 yard FG attempt on third down.

The kick was good and the Jets won in Overtime 23-20.  It was a great finish by the Jets.  So I guess you have to call it a great win.

Mark Sanchez can take his Happy Feet out dancing tonight.  He earned it.  Last week, not so much.  This week he got it done.


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