Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Going in Circles:

I stuck to the streets today to avoid traffic on the BQE (Brooklyn/Queens Expressway).  I'm glad I did.  Over by Columbia Street and the Atlantic Avenue water front,  passing by I noticed this gentleman in the tennis courts spinning around in (literally) a big circle; rolling like a wheel and performing all sorts of maneuvers.  You'll see.

First allow me to introduce you to this gentleman I speak of.  He is Harold Moeller.  As described above, we met today for the first time.  I can't explain to you what he does and still do Harold justice describing it.  Baseball?  I'm your guy.  That's why I gave him the stage and asked him to talk all of you through what he does.  I invite you to watch this short video and see for yourself what exactly grabbed my attention.

Mr. Moeller worked with Brittney Spears during her Circus Tour as a clown, juggler and rode a unicycle as part of his work on stage and in videos.  He came into that work through video talent promotions and the Big Apple Circus.

For Q&A's sake I asked how the experience working with Brittney Spears went and what kind of interaction he might have had with her.  He said the experience was very positive but as far as interacting with Brittney...there wasn't much of that.  Things were cordial, as everyone was just there to work and perform their tasks at hand.  She remained guarded by "her People" to some extent so it wasn't like a big social gathering and such.

Harold is originally from Cincinnati, and lives in Brooklyn for 8 years now.  He truly loves it here.  He's not sure if his future will play out here in Brooklyn, NYC, or elsewhere.  In our conversation he toyed with the word 'Nomad'.

There may be a David Letterman appearance in his near future.  We'll be looking for it.

Where ever you wind up, know it was a pleasure meeting you and I'm very happy to now know you.

Check out his site; give him a call or e-mail him.  You never know who you can impress knowing... 

The Human Spoke!

Be well my friend.  May we speak soon.



  1. What a cool thing to come across in a park! The Human Spoke is very cool.

  2. Absolutely. He was a rather unique find.


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