Friday, September 17, 2010

The Egg Cream Society

Born of a by-gone era and passed down through generations
like a family heirloom ~
I speak, quite possibly, of something wholly foreign to anyone living outside the NYC limits,
and still then, there are the unlearned amongst us right here.
But to those who've lived, and know; or resided on the block between
Memory Lane and  Remember;
To those who cling on to the best in our lives; to those who wear our memories and future dreams on our chests like Cub Scout Badges or ribbons if you were a Brownie,
To those of us who proudly call the Borough of Kings home ~


This picture watered the eyes of a Dreamy Doll this afternoon.   
But this picture also gave her a snapshot of life as a member of
as a denizen of Brooklyn.

The $2.18 elixir of goodness is always money well spent for my part,  but I think someone else
made a connection with memories that are priceless.


If there's something more you want from life sometimes it helps if you remember where you came from.  If you're in the neighborhood, take a time out from the 21st Century and spend some time in a place where it's still cool to look at pictures in black and white.

All Hail the EGG CREAM!

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
5th Avenue off 86th Street


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  1. I had never heard of egg cream, I had to look it up. I want one. It looks so damn good.


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