Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brooklyn Jersey on Broadway

I saw this guy walking under the Broadway El this morning.
You know me....I screamed out and told him to let me get a picture.

Dude!...ever hear of a washer machine?
You're lucky I liked the jersey and wanted to post it.
Do Brooklyn some justice and wash that jersey....aight?



  1. Sweet! Just curious, what part of Brooklyn are you from? My Great Aunt and Uncle live in Brighton Beach and have lived in Brooklyn since 1947.

  2. They aren't far from me at all. I am in Bensonhurst. Just a couple nieghborhoods over.

  3. Oh ok. Pardon my ingnorance, I'm an LA guy who's only been to NY a couple of times.

    My younger sister lived in Brooklyn too. She lived in Williamsburg during her senior year at NYU. She now lives in Secaucus,NJ.


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