Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bedford Ave. Blues

I get a little ticked off every time I drive by and see this. Well...more to the point I get upset every time I'm reminded what used to be here. But I'm a glutton for punishment and every time I can sneak in a quick drive-by, I do.

Everyone knows what I'm talking about....right?



  1. I once read that Pee Wee Reese went by there during the 90's (after not being by the site since the Dodgers left), and when he saw it, he broke down. Seeing this picture, I can see why.

    Never having visited Brooklyn before, that picture is so eerie, as knowing what was there before, I can envision it, but seeing all those apartments is jarring (even though I was born two decades after its demolition).

    I'm a native Southern Californian living in NorCal now, but I think it's a travesty it happened the way it did. Long time ago, I know, but I remember what it cost to Brooklynites (not to mention the previous residents of Chavez Ravine) every time I go to Dodger Stadium. Reading up on every morsel of Brooklyn baseball history I can, I refuse Nike's revisionist history that Dodger Baseball began in 1958 (Sickeningly, they even put an LA logo on a 1955 Championship ring on one of their shirts).

    Thanks for taking the time to take the photos.

  2. No! Thank you for taking the time out to comment. I remember when Pee Wee visited. He was broken by the scene. I was born 5 years after Ebbets' demolition. I lived only a few very short miles from the site. I always passed by the site of Ebbets when we visited my aunt. The block I lived on then was bordered by Holy Cross Cemetery. Gil Hodges is buried there. Over those early years for me my neighbors at the time imparted to me what kind of scene Gil's funeral was as the procession passed our block. As I took these pics, I decided to steal more time and went to the cemetery. I photographed Gil's plot and that of Edward McKeever (former owner of course). Those pics will be posted very very soon.

    Those were great sentiments you shared. Thank you for stopping by and contributing.


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