Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Minutes To Midnight

Two minutes to midnight?  Well...not exactly.  It's actually 1:22a.m. and I'm still trying to formulate words that describe this Left Coast trip.  After tonight's loss to the Dodgers and yet another shut-out to ponder, the Mets are now losers of 7 out of 8 games on this swing.  If were not for The Umpire that Giveth and Taketh and Whatever'th...Mr. Cuzzi, we'd be win-less.  Remember the gift he gave the Mets in San Francisco by blowing the call at home?  We then went to Arizona and got dusted there.  In L.A. things are starting out status-quo.  The Mets coming out of the All*Star break, are misfiring on all pistons.  But the Mets were failing before the break also.  They are losers of something like 12 of 15 lately.

Two minutes to midnight means they are two games above the .500 mark now.  That is an 800 lbs. gorilla placed squarely on Jerry Manuel's shoulders.  Suck it up Dude!  Just like your GM said today in passing as he viewed you getting grilled by the media earlier in the morning...He said, "Welcome to New York".  Of course he said it in jest and as he was running away with his briefcase in hand.  This was Jerry's media time and I guess Omar didn't want to take away from that.  Jerry was good with the jokes earlier today in the reporters circle.  I wonder if he needs a good scolding of the likes Alex Cora gave Big Pelfry and some of the beat writers the other night for laughing too much after another loss.

Jerry shook up the line-up tonight.  He's trying what he can with what he has.  Omar was captured a short time later and endorsed Manuel very plainly.  Omar said he is happy with the job Jerry is doing and he's the manager.  Well the manager could have put the line-up in a blender tonight but even that wouldn't have been enough to shake the Mets out of this offensive funk.  The Mets offense has score like 4 runs in their last 1,000 innings or something.  They've been wasting quality starts that we've been fortunate to get.

Two minutes to midnight refers to the dreaded Left Coast Vote of Confidence.  Remember how the Mets fired Willie Randolph out there under the cover of NYC darkness?  I'm not saying Manuel is getting fired; any time soon.  But his clock is set at two minutes to midnight.  There is only one bright spot I can find for the Mets and Jerry right now.  That silver lining is that this road trip WILL end.  That's it.  That's all I can say.  They can't stay on the Left Side for ever.  I don't know if the results will change once they leave but at least we can't pick on them while they're there.  We'll just have to do that when they get back!

That piano falling out of the sky has a Mets logo on it.  Look out!


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